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” The Best Things Come In Small Packages ” – My August Favourites

Well ! Well ! Well ! Here I am with my August 2015 Favourites and I am super duper excited !

There are few days , when you feel low and when you see some thing in your wardrobe , or purchase something new , you feel contented . There are days when you are jobless and want to check the stores to see what’s new ! I know we are crazy but we are fun for sure 🙂 . Whatever things I own , I do love them with no regrets .

And My August Favourites are –

1. Beige Oxfords 

I got this amazing Beige Oxfords from http://www.streetstylestore.com . Its an amazing website with great collection of shoes , bags , clothes at very affordable price . The only major issue with this website is its delivery policy and it takes more than a month to deliver the items that one has ordered . I really wish they do something about it .They don’t have return policy on few of the products on the website .

This beige shoe goes with everything and anything . Its an essential for every shoe lover . I wear it with Pants,Skirts,Bohemian Kurtas and Dresses .

2. Forever21 Makeup Bag

I love colours and this adorable make up bag caught my eye . I got this from the Forever21 store in Bangalore at 450Rs approximately . Not very sure with the price. This pouch is pretty spacious and takes in a lot of stuff .

3. Bath & Body Works Scented Candle

I am obsessed with this scented candle that you would have seen in my Malaysia Shopping Haul Blog ( https://thesmalltownbloggerdgp.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/just-let-me-shop-no-one-gets-hurt-what-i-shopped-in-malaysia/) I just cant get over this fragrance . Its Sexy !! I swear ! You can also see that I am sceptical to use it because I am scared if its gets over I will surely have a broken heart !! And I am actually waiting for someone to travel abroad to get me another pair of this scented candle , only then I would light this one .

The fragrance is seductive .

4. BBlunt Dry Shampoo and BBlunt Cream for Frizzy Hair

I ride a two wheeler to work in that heat and traffic + pollution and it is very difficult to take care of your hair . I used to have really thick hair and thanks to my work now I have really thin strands of hair left . Its really difficult to shampoo every two days when you are loaded with work . Impossible to pamper your hair .

In few of the blogs that I follow , I had heard about the dry shampoo and went to Bblunt store to purchase it . There are other brands that make dry shampoo but I personally preferred Bblunt . Its fun using the dry shampoo . There wont be major similarity like how your hair looks after shampoo but does give your hair a smoother and shinier look . I also bought the cream because I realized after riding my bike it got difficult to comb my hair like any other girl . So this cream helped me with that issue as well . Tada !!

5. MAC Ruby Hue Lipstick & Revlon Tease Seductrice Colour Bust Lip Colour

The MAC Rudy Hue was a Birthday Gift by a very dear friend . I had just started applying lip colours so she decided to gift me one of the best lipstick . I love the shade and the look .

The Revlon Colourbust was what I had bought ages ago . I had bought three shades of it Coral, Red and Pink and still loving it .

6. ZARA Feminine perfume roll on &  Marks and Spencers Bohemia Travel Edition Perfume

These are my travel editions . I do carry them to work since its handy and doesn’t take much space . The Marks and Spencers edition has a floral fragrance where as the ZARA roll on is feminine but musky and a great combination .

The ZARA roll on is around 399Rs I guess and the Marks and Spencers around 500Rs . ( Not very sure with the price )

7. Swatch Watch 

A precious gift from my brother on my birthday ! Can’t live without this beautiful watch.

8. Sling Bag from Hampi

This is a hand-crafted leather sling bag that I got from my recent visit to Hampi (https://thesmalltownbloggerdgp.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/hampi-the-forgotten-empire-india/)

The man who sold this made this leather bag right in front of us in an hour and more . This was a good deal . We got this bag for 500 Rs only . They had different types of bags , big and small but all of them very beautifully made.

9. Body Shop Vanilla BodyMist & Body Shop Red Musk Body Mist

There are few people who go to the same store and try different things and others who go to the same store and buy the same thing again and again . Well I am a combination of both ! Not only do I buy what’s new and lovely but also something that I can’t do without . Whenever I am done with my Body Mist from Body Shop I get a refill 😉

I love the Red Must and The Vanilla Fragrance . Delicious !!

10. PipaBella Accessory

Had bought this adorable pendant from http://www.pipabella.com few months ago . This is my only Cancerian Zodiac accessory that I own and love it to the core . I am in love with the packaging so after use I keep it the same way it came . Istyle mein rehney ka !!

11. Jabong Asymmetric Shirt (Alia Bhatt for Jabong )


Just in case if you want to buy this beautiful shirt , please do click on the link above . Its for 1599 only and Jabong has crazy coupons and sale . If you have the coupon code you can get a discount as well .

This shirt is low in the front and long from behind which I love . You can match it with Leggings , Skirts ,Shorts and also look fantastically chic.

Hope you like what I love 🙂

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