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What’s on my Phone !?

Hello Everyone !

Today I would be sharing about the apps that I use on my phone . The phone that I have been using is The Android OnePlus One .

In today’s fast world , we need to keep a track of everything and anything . Most of us can’t live without a mobile phone . These apps in a way has made it easy but also made us forget the old school process.

Well ! Starting with my front page on my phone .


The wallpaper is from Pinterest  . I love colours, so most of the times my wallpapers everywhere has to have multiple colours.

Here I have the apps that I use the most like Facebook , Instagram , Uber etc . I have my photo editing tools placed in the front page in a folder . The most used app for photo editing is Aviary ! The other apps are NoahCamera , Camera360 , Hyperbooth and Layout for Frames .

In Bangalore we have a wonderful service called swiggy which is a delivery company that delivers food from various food outlets . So I have the Swiggy app and Zomato. Ofcourse !! I am a Foodie !!


In the second page of my short cut panel , I have my WordPress app , The Play Store , Facebook Messenger , Pinterest , Gaana.com , Skype and Hike Messengers in a Folder .

I shazam , so that, if there is a new song I hear somewhere that I have never heard before , I can shazam it and listen to it later at home again .

True Caller is a must for me . Because I don’t usually entertain unknown numbers. And True caller also mentions the organization’s name or the person’s name. Hence it’s easy for me to know who’s calling and if its worth answering. Lol.

I have my page manager to keep a track of my Facebook page. Go follow me right now on Facebook .  The Facebook manager helps me keep track of my Facebook page .


Then in the last page , I have this funny video app called Boomerang. You should try that with your friends. Makes funny clips out of two images.

Bloglovin app is another place , where we get to read others blogs and showcase yours as well .

I started using Share it app recently and its surprisingly very helpful and super fast in sharing files and apps .

Flyrobe is something that I have my eyes on but haven’t really purchase anything from there . its an app to rent clothes for maximum on 8 days with a 20% security deposit. They have clothes , accessories and shoes. Let me try this app and then I can in detail explain about my experience.

Do let me know about any kind of apps that you have been using in your phone.

I would love to know more about it.

Cheers !!

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