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The Mighty Small – A Gaming Paradise.

Alright, peeps! Tell me something !! What do you think about a place with good food, music, cocktail, bowling and other virtual games ? I hear people saying “doesn’t exist “. Hahaha !! To my surprise, I have to disagree with the hypothetical statement. I am elated to introduce this place called The Mighty Small to you. Situated in Mg Road and a part of the MG ONE Mall. If you are familiar with Mg One Mall, you must be well versed with this gaming arcade called as SMASHH . This funfair place i.e. The Mighty Small is a part of this gaming arcade. You need to enter Smash and head upstairs to enter this restaurant.

The Mighty Small is a carnival theme based restaurant. It doesn’t have a huge seating arrangement but decent enough for everyone to enjoy. Usually, these food arcades don’t sell good food but I was amazed by the delicacies and couldn’t stop myself but write about it.

The ambience is perfect for all the gaming enthusiasts, cocktail lovers, music lovers !! We started with some Kamakazi shots. Kamikaze is basically a mixture of vodka, triple sec and lime juice. Asked for some cocktail and beer to energise ourselves for the rest of the evening !! Our table was filled with Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Few beers.

It was time to order some food. Ordered for Hot basil fish, BBQ chicken Quesadillas, and last but not the least a large thin crust pizza – BBQ Chicken + Jalapeno + Cilantro.


The fish was out of the wworld.Crunchy , soft and let me warn you ,its irresistible . That’s my personal favourite . The quesadillas were normal and nothing fancy but delicious . When we ordered for a pizza we didn’t really know about the size . The pizza for 5 of us was humongous !!

Oh wait !! Last but not the least ! Being a Bengali and Non Bengali Bengali we don’t end our meal without dessert or any kind of sweet .Hence we ordered for a red velvet cake. So about red velvet , I have had better cakes in Bangalore than this one. So wasn’t very enticing for me.

All over was a wonderful experience !!

Hope you loved the post ! Till then. Take Care !!

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