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All About Natural Beauty Care feat. Jas Naturals

It’s time you take care of your skin and hair with immense love. After gruelling days at work and traffic, all you want is to feel good about your skin and hair.

I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of make-up. Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time more than anything. I cleanse my face no matter how tired I am or how many cosmopolitans I’ve had that night. Be good to your skin!

Recently I received a bunch of natural beauty care products from Jas Naturals. I used it for few weeks and then decided to write down about them.

This pack had –

  • Kasturi Munjal Powder
  • Hibiscus Hair-wash Powder
  • Hibiscus Leaf Powder
  • Amla Powder
  • Almond Honey Soap
  • Aloevera Face Wash
  • Grapefruit Soap
  • Kasturi Munjal Powder

    It contains almost everything that your skin needs. Prevents acne and pimple. Also removes facial hair naturally. Kasturi Munjal also acts as an antiseptic and gives a natural glow to your skin. You can mix Kasturi Munjal powder with raw milk and apply to your face like a face pack. It will give you a yellowish shade to your face because of turmeric but not for long. Earlier people used it as a bathing powder.


  • Hibiscus Hair-wash Powder

    I have known hibiscus as a large colourful flower that are used for decoration in gardens. They also have medicinal properties. This powder is crushed out of flower petals. Hibiscus powder acts as a cleanser and a conditioning herb that helps decrease hair fall by strengthening and conditioning the roots. My hair did fall out less and also created volume with shine post application.


  • Hibiscus Leaf Powder

    Similar to hibiscus hair was powder, hibiscus leaf powder is crushed out of their leaves. Hibiscus leaves are famous for hair regrowth. It controls hair fall and strengthens the root of hair follicles. Also works well against dandruff.


  • Amla Powder

    Always dreamt about long, think and shiny hair? Amla enhances the hair colour and stimulates hair growth. I have used amla since my childhood and have never had any complaints. It also has anti – ageing properties.


  • Almond Honey Soap & Grapefruit Soap 

    Almond honey soap is best used for breakouts and vitamins. Provides your skin with a glow and helps your skin clear and wrinkle free. Grapefruit attributes to its properties as a disinfectant and antiseptic.


  • Aloevera Face Wash

    A facial routine is never complete without a facewash. What best than aloevera. One product that always comes to rescue. he Aloe face wash contains ingredients like Crocus Sativus, which is a source of pro-vitamin A, and Tulsi which is known to have antiseptic and healing properties. This improves facial skin, making it appear younger.


P.S. Always make sure you have a patch test before using it entirely on your face, body or hair.

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Cheers !

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