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Light The World Feat. Chimeracandles

I recently shifted to a new bachelor pad and have tried my level best to make it look tumblr’ish. I scroll through Pinterest every day and watch home decor videos for ideas. Unfortunately, we don’t have many options compared to other countries. When it comes to decor I like colourful figurines or posters to jazz the room. I tried fixing things with a nice yellow curtain in the room but that was just 10% of the space. There is so much to change, from hanging posters on the wall to adding warm light to the room for mood setting. Then I decided to take baby steps. One by One! I bought a standing mirror for the room from Pepperfry (bad service), and it didn’t look like what the picture showed (as always). In case you have any ideas, please do let me know how to style your standing mirror and make it look all fancy.

I am a sucker for decor. Not that I buy all of them but I love window shopping thinking about that “one day when I have my house”. There is one rack I never miss out on, in any supermarket or a home decor store. Any guesses? Well, it’s the candle section, scented ones specifically. I am addicted to scented candles especially the bath & body works three wick candles. That’s most of the time the only thing I ask for when someone travels to the USA. It’s expensive but it’s worth it. Praying for the brand to come to India. In case if you are wondering what to gift me, you can get me candles and I will be the happiest person ever. Anything about candles brings me joy. Candles not only works as a soothing room freshener but also as a super fancy ornamentation.

I am an Instagram addict and anything related to candles catches my attention. This Instagram page called Chimercandles is the one I am talking about. The candles collection on the Instagram feed was worth stopping by and complimenting. All the candles were one of a kind but only for the decorative purpose and not for lighting like you usually, do. These looked perfect for my desk or a show-case. The reason behind these candles being only for decor is because the products used in these candles are plastic based which are flammable. 

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Check out her Instagram feed for more candles – Chimeracandles (Click here)

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15 thoughts on “Light The World Feat. Chimeracandles”

  1. These candle jars look good enough to eat! I am obsessed with fragrant candles too and there is another brand Yankee candles which makes amazing ones. A little expensive but so so good. Not sure if they sell in India though.


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