Summer Love feat. LastInch

The April summer here is keeping me away from all the denim and pants in my closet. That’s also because I have decided to only wear flowy dresses and skirts this season. Dresses blend perfectly with effortless, casual, sophistication and elegance. It’s always easy to get into it and get out, especially when the scorching sun is shining bright like a diamond. It’s the closest best thing you could do this summer and look all fresh this summer. I would not even dare to think about black trousers or denim with temperature soaring as high as 35 degrees. It’s just impossible to stand outside. Reminds me of Calcutta, where persiparation is a part of life and the humidity becomes your best friend. I am sure all the private and public pools are a house full in the city. If not for the swimming pools, people are running to the mountains for some relief. What we learn from this are we should take an initiative towards PLANTING MORE TREES!

So many bloggers and fashion lovers out there are seen in different floral dresses this season to beat the heat. You know you gotta jump on to the floral dresses this season, if you haven’t. Florals work out amazing for dinner, work, weekends, holidays and evening. I rarely have anything floral and thank god for this dress from LastInch, which is my cue to add a bunch of colours and florals. I just can’t think about wearing black now, which I did in my earlier post but hey! you learn from your mistakes. Right?

Getting dressed for the days of summer can be a task. Between the heat and desire to do nothing, fashion sometimes takes a back seat. However, it’s always possible to look stylish and comfortable during the summer if you have few floral or light material dresses like the one I am flaunting in this blog post. I got this dress from Lastinch. The material was undoubtedly soft and summer worthy, with some lace work on the arms. I styled it with a long belt and mint heels. LastInch is another e-commerce website for all those beautiful curvy women. They have some amazing designs that without any question will automatically be added to your cart. Presently, they have a 60% off going on, on their website. They give the latest fashion without compromising on the quality. LastInch has the classiest and trendiest plus size fashion. Check out their website and start with e-window shopping!

Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Dress – LastInch

Heels – Westside

Bag – Commercial Street, Bangalore 
















I am sticking to floral prints this season. What about you?

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Cheers !


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15 Responses to Summer Love feat. LastInch

  1. tom says:

    Now that is a Flower Child


  2. xhobdo says:

    Beautiful 🙂


  3. I have kind of settled down in my nightie.. It is super comfy and flowy and of course I don’t intend to go out anywhere.


  4. Total flower child vibes! I love this look 🙂


  5. swatiram says:

    Floral prints are so lovely in the summer. Need to pick up a few pieces myself


  6. FrooGal Fun says:

    Pretty dress! and your eyes are lovely 🙂


  7. bhavya garg says:

    Florals are always so feminine.


  8. Raman says:

    I have a dress in almost same print that I got last summer. Florals are definitely my summer favourite too!


  9. Priya says:

    Gorgeous outfit


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  11. womenandbeautyblogger says:

    Looking great dear 😍 Btw please check out my blog I have started blogging recently 🙃🙃


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