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The Hair Investment feat. Hairbitat

We all get perturbed the moment something happens to our hair. Anything related to hair or skin creates a tension in the house. Hair is an incredible feature that changes a person’s personality. It is also believed that hair is our second face and the same amount of care and attention is required. Hair loss and greying of hair is a very common issue among us. I earlier had thick black hair before I shifted to Gurgaon for work. Change of place and water resulted in an immense amount of hair loss that made me panic. Clinics and other hair treatment outlet only suggested chemical based therapy and I was against it. The only trick to save my hair was to wash my hair with mineral water, which actually was some relief for a while. So I can totally understand how you feel during hair loss but greying hair isn’t that big a deal. You can always colour your hair or apply henna. There are a lot of home remedies to follow and apply but I didn’t have the time to make them at home.

I wish Hairbitat came to India early so that I could have saved my thick long hair. Anyways coming back to the post. Hairbitat is a solution for all your hair problems. Not only does the herbal hair treatment reduces hair loss slowly, it also stops greying of hair which results in the fresh growth of your natural colour hair. The herbal hair treatment isn’t that expensive! Hairbitat is an authorised dealer of Bee Choo Origin from Singapore. It’s a 100% chemical free hair treatment for a healthy scalp, thus solving problems such as dandruff, greying hair, hair loss and the added benefit of diffusing your hair with a natural shine.

The herbal treatment takes about 2hours to 2.5 hours depending on the day and time. They have a step by step procedure. Firstly they check your hair and apply ginger tonic, which is the first step to a healthier scalp. Ginger tonic is used to stimulate and open up the pores so that the herbal ingredients gets absorbed easily.  Next, comes the 100% chemical free herbal hair paste that is applied to the scalp and hair. Post the application of the paste, a plastic is used to cover the hair from dripping with a hairband to prepare for steaming. The steaming takes about 45mins. After the hair has cooled down a bit, you will be taken to the wash section, where your hair will be washed with their in-house shampoo and conditioner. They used the menthol shampoo on my scalp which felt amazing in the Bangalore heat. I was escorted back to the seat and my hair was partially blow dried post the hair wash. At the end, Crystal concentrate serum is applied to the tip of your hair.










My hair felt amazing post the herbal hair treatment and I am looking forward to my 2nd sitting for hair loss and greying hair treatment.

Hairbitat Centres – Vittal Road | HSR Layout | JP Nagar

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