A Thing Called Fashion

The Fusion

Prints are great but there is something about solid colours that speaks for itself. Personal style changes from person to person and city to city. Fashion Weeks are something I look forward to virtually. You might have seen me in darker shades of black and grey for the longest time but I would be the… Continue reading The Fusion

A Thing Called Fashion

The Rustic One Feat. Amydus

Heavy rains in Bangalore has left some of us with no electricity at home for quite some time. Who has to be blamed for it? Each one of us. Well, that's a different chapter altogether. The highly affected area Koramangala obviously because of the not so systematic structure created havoc in the area. I have… Continue reading The Rustic One Feat. Amydus

A Thing Called Fashion

How To Style Dhoti Pants for Two Different Occasions

By now, you would have noticed my love for Dhoti pants. There are different ways you can style them effortlessly. In an old post, I had paired these pants with a leather jacket for a grunge look.¬†They are not only super comfortable but these pants also add that Indian tinge to your western outfit. The… Continue reading How To Style Dhoti Pants for Two Different Occasions

A Thing Called Fashion

Walking Away feat. Amydus

Cold shoulders are still a rage in the fashion market and looks like it's going to take a long time for it to fade away. It's the best summer trend ever and the most comfortable one indeed. Even if it's cold you can always pair it up with a summer jacket or a shrug and… Continue reading Walking Away feat. Amydus

A Day in My Life

Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs

We are all familiar with Pizza Hut. Aren't we? This leading American chain, Pizza Hut recently launched an innovative campaign called "Start-up Hours" in collaboration with Chatur Ideas who are a start-up enabling platform. This campaign is basically a platform for all the women entrepreneurs in Bangalore. Pizza Hut welcomes all inspiring women entrepreneurs in… Continue reading Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs