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Hello ! I am Anusha from The Small Town Blogger . After working for 4 years in a Non IT company, it was time that I showcased my creativity. I started blogging from August 2015 and have been very adventurous with it. The Small Town Blogger is a mirror image of my Personal Lifestyle. I always find ways to delight my viewers and readers with different and good content. The Small Town Blogger is a space where irrespective of your appearance and size, I will help you enjoy fashion like never before. My love for Fashion, Food and Travel is never ending, so is The Small Town Blogger.

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Cheers !!

I can be reached at –

Gmail : the.small.town.blogger@gmail.com

Twitter : @AnushaRambabu

Facebook : /thesmalltownblogger

Instagram : Anusha.Kayy

Snapchat : anushakw

25 thoughts on “About”

      1. I’m leaving a small “unsolicited” suggestion here! you have a great blog which needs categories to help viewers navigate better across your blog. To make it easy, if I just need to read only fashion related blogs, it can help list only those particular ones!



      2. I understand…visit other blog to understand it better.
        The idea is that category helps anyone navigate to posts that interest him better than tags.
        You can activate them if you haven’t as yet.


  1. umm I know I’m going to give something weird comments here but u told that feel free to share. well I got u after checking like list on my Instagram photo. one like from you made me visit this beautiful blog.. I was just checking the list and suddenly saw someone different and that was you and I must say that you’re really awesome. I will keep visiting .. keep in touch. Take care. and hope you’re a Bengali 🙂 haha

    insta: mindfreaksayan


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