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Mules: Shoe of Today

People have been ditching heels for something more comfortable and casual, like sneakers and mules for women. The fashion game has changed majorly from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic. As mentioned earlier, everyone is looking for walkable footwear, not just trendy. Work from home has surely aggregated this shift for good towards a better fashion sense. If you aren’t up with the trend, all you need to do is to see around, and you will see mules for women, pumps, ballet flats and slip-ons, etc., as the most preferred footwear nowadays. The sales of fashionable footwear along with these have increased more than usual.

Keeping that aside, Mules are pretty popular in other countries compared to India, but it’s trending here too. Did you know there are different types of Mules for women, depending on the occasion? Mules are best for people with a flat foot because mules help the feet walk comfortably on an uneven terrain and prevent you from slipping. 

Mules for women cover the front part of your footwear and keep the back open. So it covers only the toe to ankle part of your feet. Mules are super comfortable and stylish. 

Here are different types of Mules that you can try out based on your requirement. 

  • CAPRI MULES: Capri Mules are mostly worn indoors. This comes with a cushion-type surface on the bottom to keep your feet warm and fuzzy. However, you would have noticed Capri mules in major hotel rooms. These mules usually have fabric or rubber-based soles. 
  • PEEP TOE MULES: Compared to Capri, Peep toe mules are more exuberant. It comes with heels and a tiny peep toe in the front. This is what you need if you are looking for an edgy footwear. It also works perfectly as formal wear.
  • RAZZI MULES: I have Razzi Mules literally in 3-4 colors. That’s how versatile this type of Mules for Women is. It’s super inviting appearance-wise. It always comes with a teeny-tiny heel that’s almost negligible. So you can style it with anything and everything. A perfect investment, I would say. 
  • MULES SLIDES: This design is available in multiple brands online and is one of the most common types of Mules. You can go out for a walk in them or to a dinner party. It comes in a closed-front and open-back format. They come in various colors, prints and hand-embroidered work, out of which the hand-embroidered mules’ slides are my favourite. 

There are a limitless number of designs when it comes to footwear for women, but the right kind of footwear is a personal choice based on the comfort and style. But some of them definitely need to be part of your wardrobe, and out of which Mules are a must-have! Every outfit needs a footwear, and it’s up to you whether you want to go for comfort or just trends. You can check out Mochi shoes for some excellent shoe options.

Happy Shopping!!



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