The Rustic One Feat. Amydus

Heavy rains in Bangalore has left some of us with no electricity at home for quite some time. Who has to be blamed for it? Each one of us. Well, that’s a different chapter altogether. The highly affected area Koramangala obviously because of the not so systematic structure created havoc in the area. I have been at home since Monday, contemplating posts and shoot ideas like I mentioned in my Instagram post. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain, everything has been postponed to a later date.

Coming to the post-

I have never owned a rust color before and this one adds another color to my wardrobe. That reminds me, also planning on changing the way my Instagram feed looks right now. I got this one from Amydus. With numerous plus size brands now, I have nothing to worry about. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take care of my health and be fit. I have a pear shaped body because of which it becomes difficult to buy clothes online.

This dress was pretty flowy, so I wrapped a long belt around my waist so that it doesn’t look too baggy. Offlate I have been drifting towards dresses than the usual shirts and pants and then there was a time when dresses never crossed my mind. These days I have been experimenting with clothes in my wardrobe and styling it in different ways. Rustic and earthy colors can be a little taxing and super sober if you are someone who loves vibrant colors. Earthy colors are something you would opt for if you are out for a brunch or out with friends. Personally, I wouldn’t choose this color for a night out or a party. Maybe if this was a rust color body-con dress, I would have given it a try. This cold shoulder rust summer dress is a perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch and that’s what I did too. On a sunny Sunday, I paired it up with my classic bag from Splash and rust heels. The bag adds an exclusive feel to the rust outfit which is super simple and plain. You can always accessorize it to swank it up. Pair it with a blazer and quirky shoes during the day time and change into heels for the night. As simple as that!

What say?


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Dress  – Amydus

Heels – Forever21

Bag – Splash India








Processed with VSCO with e6 preset












Location Courtesy – Little Green Cafe, Bangalore

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How To Style Dhoti Pants for Two Different Occasions

By now, you would have noticed my love for Dhoti pants. There are different ways you can style them effortlessly. In an old post, I had paired these pants with a leather jacket for a grunge look. They are not only super comfortable but these pants also add that Indian tinge to your western outfit. The conventional way of styling your outfit is something I love, mostly because of the vibrant colors we choose for occasions like wedding or festivals.

This post is about how I styled and layered my favorite Dhoti pants on two occasions.

After a week of continuous rain and perplexing weather, Bangalore weather decided to act brashly. I and Satarupa from FashionandFrappes had to attend a food tasting session at Dhaba by Claridges that very day. The weather outside made me want to look for something summery and yet colorful. Dhoti pant is obviously what I chose from my wardrobe. These dhoti pants are tailor made by a designer in Koramangala. I paired them with a plain black top (because I have black tops in abundance and obviously couldn’t help it but choose black) and a peachy orange color shirt-dress which I wore it as a shrug (Jugaad no.1).

Personally, I feel this combination is relaxing and is also an ultra-modern option for a casual outfit idea for Sunday brunch or for an evening with friends.


Outfit Details –

Top  – Koovs

Dhoti – Tailor made

Shrug/Shirt-Dress – Chemistry

Bag – Forever21

Shoes – Street Style Store






If you are following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I was in Hyderabad for a wedding. It was my cousin’s wedding and I got all my outfits stitched because I couldn’t afford to spend a bomb on those showroom ones. After purchasing the required materials from Commercial Street, I gave it to the tailor there with a picture of the design I want. This one is one of them. The design I gave him had an A line dress inside and a shrug on top. I selected this yellow because yellow is a haldi color and would have been a perfect outfit for the haldi and mehndi event.

Unfortunately, the dress didn’t turn out the way it looked in the picture and it was too late for me to go back to the tailor for alteration. Therefore, I had to find an alternate solution to that massacre. I looked for something pink in my wardrobe which is mostly filled with black since the dress that didn’t fit well was also pink. This dhoti pant came to my rescue. I paired the dhoti pants and the yellow shrug with a white sheer shirt (Jugaad no.2). Don’t you think all the colors used turned out to be a perfect outfit for that day?


Outfit Details –

Top  – Vero Moda

Dhoti – Tailor made

Shrug – Tailor Made

Neckpiece – Ajio






I think it’s high time I get various colors in this design (Dhoti pants) and live in peace. What say?

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Walking Away feat. Amydus

Cold shoulders are still a rage in the fashion market and looks like it’s going to take a long time for it to fade away. It’s the best summer trend ever and the most comfortable one indeed. Even if it’s cold you can always pair it up with a summer jacket or a shrug and you are good to go. Cold shoulders work well on various occasions, from work wear to a casual day out. They are sexy in a subtle way – The new big trend. The brands have showcased amazing design with this neckline this season.

Keeping in mind that I have to keep my hands off black, I chose this blue cold shoulder top from Amydus. It’s more of a tunic than a top. I decided to style this tunic with a pencil skirt.

A few years back, I despised pencil skirt because it looked extremely uncomfortable and I always wondered how women wore it to work. Then I tried my first pencil skirt and then after, there was no looking back. I believe that pencil skirts are undoubtedly a wardrobe staple. It’s a must have, especially if you have a curvy body. Pencil skirts accentuate your body structure and make the outfit look classy. You can pair a pencil skirt with a casual tee and sneakers on a Sunday or pair it up with heels and a blouse for a date night. It’s just magical. If you are worried about the fact that it’s bodycon, you can always wear spanx or tights inside as a layer below the skirt for comfort.

I matched this cold shoulder tunic with a pencil skirt and added a thin belt to it. The belt did change the way the outfit resulted in initially. A super sweet version if you want to play with your curves.


Photography – Arjun and Chaya from PICSPLOT.COM

Outfit Details –

Tunic  – Amydus

Skirt – Forever21

Heels – DonebyNone

Bag – Zara




















Location Courtesy – Little Green Cafe, Bangalore

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Pizza Hut launches “Start-up Hours” to empower women entrepreneurs

We are all familiar with Pizza Hut. Aren’t we?

This leading American chain, Pizza Hut recently launched an innovative campaign called “Start-up Hours” in collaboration with Chatur Ideas who are a start-up enabling platform. This campaign is basically a platform for all the women entrepreneurs in Bangalore. Pizza Hut welcomes all inspiring women entrepreneurs in Bangalore, to work from their outlet, network with people, discuss new innovative ideas and avail all the facilities of pizza hut. Women entrepreneurs can use the temporary work station at Pizza Hut outlets in Bangalore from Monday to Thursday, 11am-6pm. Not just that, Pizza Hut has a special menu for all the women entrepreneurs. This special menu is available at Rs. 199 which includes appetizer, beverage, and main course. You can enjoy pizza at a discounted price.

The “Start-up Hours” was launched on the 19th July at Fortune JP Cosmos, Sigma Mall. Like I mentioned earlier, Pizza Hut has launched this campaign in partnership with Chatur Ideas who offer holistic start up services to empower women to build a profitable start up. There are times when start ups don’t work out well because you don’t get that kind of motivation at the right time. Chatur ideas is that push at the right time. The services offered by Charur ideas include mentoring programs, raising funds, entrepreneurship training, building networks etc. A lot of women entrepreneurs were invited to this event who are already associated with Chatur Ideas to inspire and talk about innovation.


Mr. Prashant Gaur, Chief Brand Officer said “Pizza Hut believes in Innovation, and we want to encourage and celebrate that spirit. One of the ways is to support and nurture entrepreneurship.”

Pizza Hut has always encouraged and celebrated women and their achievements. Last year, the company saluted the heroic efforts of Sakshi and Sindhu at the Rio Olympics.






What do you think about “Start-up Hours”?

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