Embrace Your Flaws

It’s fun watching interviews and while I was looking for some Mallika Dua interview videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon one with Anita Dongre and Mallika Dua. It started on an interesting note i.e. body shaming. It’s not just about people who are on the larger side but also for those who are a smaller size. I have noticed people cribbing anyways. Anita Dongre spoke about her brand i.e AND, Global Desi and Anita Dongre that caters to all shapes and sizes. She believes that one outfit looks different on everyone from XS to XXL. Before she introduces a new design to any of her brands, she makes sure the design is made for all size and shape and then launches it. It’s all about how you carry it and not what size you wear. I couldn’t agree more. Anita Dongre had also pointed out some facts on how few brands only cater to a certain size and don’t acknowledge the larger size. This not only cuts down the number of people who wear the brand but also creates a chance of discrimination. I know it’s a strong word but how difficult is it to make sizes that majority of men and women are of. Just saying!

There are many plus size online stores now that cater to people who are on the larger side. But what I don’t understand is why this separation. Why are there websites especially for plus size women? I am happy about the fact that there are stores that have understood that issue and have come out with this solution. But this is also where the division occurs. No, I am not promoting unhealthy lifestyle before someone says that. All I am saying is embrace your flaws and don’t be ashamed to try things that you dream of. All bodies are good bodies. Confidence is the only key! Real women come in different sizes and shapes. Especially Indian brands should have got that part right.

Because I am all about body positivity, Ishtyleawhile and The Small Town Blogger have come together to show you how the same dress looks stunning on us. Please note we both have different body type. The dress that we chose to wear in this post is from our blogger friend’s (StylePrism) design house called Howrah Bridge by Adg.

Check Ishtyleawhile’s post – Bell Sleeves Shift Dress


Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Dress – Howrah Bridge by ADG

Shoes – Street Style Store



















You are beautiful no matter what shape you are!

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The Sheer Story

I keep ranting about how my wardrobe is only filled with black clothes and then continue wearing and buying anything that’s black. Can I do anything about it? I don’t think so because everything in black looks so radiant and magnolious. It’s really difficult to find something colorful and trendy. None of the other colors have really caught my eye so far but I am on it i.e. hunting for some colorful clothes for a change. It’s a mission!

With paparazzi snapping all the celebrities in sheer outfits, we can’t get over how chic and fanciable the outfit looks on them. The sheer trend is a statement that has stayed for long from the subtle to the sexual, monochrome to colorful. It started as a sensual outfit but turned into an easy to wear apparel. The newest trend that bridges the gap between super sensual and super graceful. There are so many brilliant ways to style these sheer fashion.

After the cold shoulder trend has been hitting the markets in a crazy manner, it’s was time for some sheer love. My wardrobe is either filled with black or cold shoulder dresses. I was kind of tired of the same old cold shoulder tops dresses and grabbed this sheer top from H&M to try something different. And now it’s either cold shoulders or sheer tops and dresses everywhere. Sheer fashion is one of the key trends this season. It was The Coachella season styles that took over all the stores especially forever21 and H&M.  The sheer top that I bought came with a bodysuit. They are basically made out of thin threads which result in semi-transparent cloth. I personally find the peekaboo designs pretty coquettish.

I am still thinking of ways to style this sheer top. This is one of them!


Photography – Kslenscapes

Outfit Details –

Top – H&M

Jeans– Mark & Spencers

Boots – Forever21

Shrug – Forever21

Head accessory – Street Side

















People who follow me on Instagram, please spot the difference.

Meanwhile, mesh it up and play peekaboo with all things mesh, sheer, and lace.

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Everyday Essentials – Monsoon Edition

You do realize that with every changing season, your beauty essentials changes too. I follow that tradition and have different personal care products for different seasons. Presently I have been using Satliva products. The weather in Bangalore is chilled out, which makes it better for me to use these organic products. My body temperature is hotter than usual therefore I sweat post the application of any organic products and avoid using them during summer. Bangalore weather has been incredible so far.  There are times when I just don’t feel like going to work and relax by the window. Those rainy days feels!

By now, I am sure you are familiar with the brand Satliva. Last month, bloggers were invited to the factory to witness the entire process of making the products. I have been using the face butter, lip balm and face & body oil from the time I received them but it was about time I tried out their other products. Now my daily routine includes only Satliva products except for a body mist! Haha! My latest essentials include their body butter, shampoo bar, face & body oil and a soap bar.


Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint

The body butter has been a savior for my dry skin. Other than cocoa and peppermint, this body butter also consists of Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil, and Bees Wax. It hydrates the skin and smoothen’s it. The moisturizing effect stays for about 14 hours. I was also told that the body butter reduces body odor and restricts excessive sweating. I don’t sweat a lot usually but unlike other organic products, it’s not sticky.

MRP. Rs. 799





Hemp with Argan and Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar

I was initially unsure about this shampoo bar. But later gave it a try and used the shampoo bar post the application of Satliva hair cream to check. I noticed the difference immediately. Unlike my regular shampoo days, my hair was not frizzy and felt softer. You would have seen my snap on Insta Stories mentioning about it if you are following me on Instagram.

MRP – Rs. 379 





Hemp with Moringa Body Soap Bar

I am not a soap person so handed it to my brother. The soap bar has anti-ageing properties and removes all the dirt from your skin in depth. It’s difficult to find the difference right away.

MRP – Rs. 379


Hemp with Moringa Body Oil

Every night, I make sure I apply this body oil and then go to sleep. This oil has helped me get rid of tan too. I and tan have an unconditional relationship that can’t be broken easily. The body oil also contains anti-ageing properties just like their other products and consists of Hemp Oil, Moringa Oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary Oil and tea tree oil.

MRP – Rs. 1299




You can buy all their products on their website. Earlier Post Feat. Satliva –

Earlier Post Feat. Satliva – I Have Been Hemplified 

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Cheers !

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What Happens When You Travel Solo!

A lot of people say that traveling solo is the best thing but they don’t really talk about the issues that you face when you travel solo. Traveling solo is not about the money but mostly about the courage to travel alone.

There are so many things that come to your mind when you think about traveling all by yourself to a place unknown. Starting from your safety to the things you could do but shouldn’t do. Sometimes with things going around you in the world, you start to question your braver and stronger soul. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But I did!

I went to Udupi some time back for a solo travel stint. Udupi is situated on the coastal side of Karnataka. I can’t contain myself when it comes to beaches and the sea. There is something about the waves that is blissful and inquisitive. Firstly, I booked myself a beach cottage in a place called Kundapura which was few kilometers away from Udupi. All this while I thought Kundapura was an auto distance from Udupi. I checked google maps later. The bus was the only transport option I could think of.

The bus to Udupi from Bangalore took exactly 6hours to reach. For Kundapura, I had to take a local city bus and get down at a point where the auto stand to Kundapur was. I was instructed by the resort manager about how to reach this serene place. It seemed all seemed very rigid and unclear because I had “what if” popping in my head. The city bus dropped at the exact location next to the auto stand and I took an auto to reach Coqueiros Beach Cottage. This beach cottage faced the sea. The view was captivating but the heat was killing me. Can’t complain because this was all my plan to head to coastal Karnataka in soaring 40-degree temperature. The manager was kind and helpful since I was traveling alone. Kundapura is a small village on the coastal side. You could even count the number of people living there. There is no restaurant or cafe to go to and relax. Since the resort was in the construction stage, they didn’t have a kitchen of their own and got me home cooked food.

Coming to the issues I faced as a solo traveler –

  • They think you are easy – I went to the beach and found a spot to settle there with my bag full of essentials because you never know. The moment they see a single woman sitting alone, they feel we are sitting there for them to come and talk. All the creepy men around just can’t digest the fact that women are independent and love to travel. I like my solitude and I am here because I wanted to travel alone. I did notice few village boys trying to come closer which was intolerable. Since I was alone, I decided to go somewhere close to my resort instead of this calm secluded place on the beach.
  • Safety – When it comes to safety, you are the one who has to take care of yourself. When you are in Rome, be a Roman. If the surroundings are sketchy, make sure you are back to your room by the time the roads are secluded. I had a sea facing view from my room so I came back soon after the sunset and relaxed by the patio. Find a local cafe that’s closer to your stay so that it’s easy to travel back to your room.
  • The Stare – I decided to walk down on the road next to the beach because the weather looked better. You walk on the road like anyother person but still, the head turns for wrong reasons. Everybody around looks at you like a piece of meat even if you are covered from head to toe. Avoid appearing like a tourist!
  • Always carry a good amount of cash in case of emergency. Small towns or villages rarely have digital monetary machines.
  • Carry Entertainment Materials – Just because you are traveling alone – being all adventurous, doesn’t mean you can’t sit down in the room and call for room service with some series to watch or maybe a book to read. It’s all about rejuvenating!












Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Say yes to new adventures!

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Cheers !

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