Fearless in White

After an amazing weekend with Satarupa from FashionandFrappes and Raman from HuesofMe, I am on a work trip to Haridwar and now can’t wait to go back home to sleep in peace. More on my amazing weekend getaway coming on this blog.

Well! Look what else I found on Afamado’s site. For the love of white, I am here with a new post featuring Afamado. I just couldn’t get over how elegant and feminine the dress is and obviously had to see it in my wardrobe. Like I mentioned, a girl can never have too many summer dresses especially if it’s as pure as this one. This white dress is not just any other dress, have you even seen the detailing and the uniqueness of this particular dress. When I was a kid, I had a thing for anything that’s a “wrap-around”. I have tops and skirts that had this wrap around operation and finally a dress to boast about. This is all I would love to wear in the dead heat summer.

A white dress is graceful and classic. Anything in white is timelessly stylish. This white dress or any other white dress is an essential. I styled this beautiful dress with a turquoise neckpiece that I recently bought from an Instagram store and a pair of peach heels to add the summer vibe. This was one of those days when I wanted to accessorize well with multiple bracelets and a statement neckpiece.

How would you style this outfit? Would you like to see how I restyle the same outfit in multiple ways?

Let me know in the comment section below or any of my social media.

Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Dress – Afamado

Heels – StreetStyleStore

Sling – Local Store











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A Walk Down Summer Dress

What dresses to wear this summer you asked?

Summer is all about vibrant soft color, patterns, and warm textures. Most of them are floral or any solid color like yellow, white, pink etc. With the weather shining brightly on our head, I have been opting to wear only lightweight dresses and also trying my level best to avoid black to whatever extent I can. Oversized and lightweight dresses are not only comfortable but glamorous too. It depends on how you style them. You can style a T-shirt dress with sneakers and look chic or a shift pattern dress with flats on a sunny day. Let me tell you this, florals are back with a bang.

Summer dresses are my favorite. They are supremely relaxing and elegant. This one single outfit can be easily transitioned from a day outfit to night. If you are not in the mood to accessorize the outfit, you can just wear a stylish but comfortable shoe and head out for a great day. This season the summer dresses are all about refined and delicate details.

I am sure you are familiar with Afamado, a brand that I have showcased on my blog a lot of times. They have recently launched their Spring-Summer collections which have trendy patterns and color. They currently have an ongoing campaign called #SoWhat which is all about freedom. Focusing on women with stretch marks who’ve been shamed for wearing sleeveless, all those with bulges shamed for fitted dresses and so many more. Afamado has been breaking barriers and introducing fashion to people who never thought they could wear one.

Let’s break those unlogical society blockades together with Afamado!!

As far as the outfit is concerned, I was looking for a lightweight summery outfit for the weekend getaway that I am about to head to. Floral dresses are trending now and the moment I saw the blue floral shift dress in their lookbook, I knew this is the one. The fit is just perfect (they customize your outfit according to the measurements you provide them). The dress is not only pleasant but easy to run around in. I tried to keep it simple by not accessorizing much and just wore a pair of statement earring with the dress. There are times when you want to keep it straightforward yet modish, this was one of those days.


Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Dress – Afamado

Heels – Westside

Earrings – ChaakMati














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2018 Is The Year To Be More Social – Learn Travel Dating with Xoxo Tours


Main Image

www.xoxotours.com Now and Start Travel Dating


Are you traveling alone to an awesome destination? Why don’t you go for a travel buddy to accompany you on your trip! Yes! You can get a travel partner on Xoxo Tours. See if 2017 was the year where #GoSolo was trending, 2018 will be the year where #GoSocial is going to trend. And for all you travelers, wannabe travelers and/or travel enthusiasts, you won’t have to take any solo trip in 2018 as Xoxo Tours can help you to connect with other like-minded travelers with whom you may take your trips, go on a travel date and make your travel experience more exciting and pleasurable.

Traveling solo can be boring for people who don’t like to do solo. See by going solo, you may explore more about yourself and life but you might not like to do it every time as it can be boring or you may feel lonely. By going social, you may learn about a new person, new culture, and many new things along with an opportunity to spend some quality time with your new buddy. Travel dating is very new and refreshing trend for youngsters to go social, or to find a date.

Here are few things that you will help you to date your travel buddy:

Beautiful young couple taking a selfie in the park.


Be charming and chivalrous – Well, who won’t love a charming personality. To impress your travel friend, be charming, dress smart, smell smart, take care of your hygiene etc. Along with it, pay attention to your friend. It will get both of you along very well on your trip.

Use brains to be humorous – Use your brain to be witty and humorous with your travel companion to give you an opportunity to connect well with your new buddy. It is not easy to be humorous if it doesn’t come naturally to one. So never try to overdo it, stick to basics.

Be ready for randomness – See traveling to a new place always come with certain uncertainties. Most of the times, a travel plan doesn’t come together. So keeping yourself flexible and open is important in such situations to be ready for some randomness. That’s what makes travel more exciting.


Image 2


Just go with the flow – See to travel with someone it’s important for you to keep things simple and basic. That’s how you will connect better with your travel date where you just go with the flow.

Don’t fall in Love – See, while travel dating most of the times you connect with locals whom you might not meet again or will meet after years. So it’s important you don’t expect much with your travel partner and keep things simple. However, the main objective needs to be traveling and get the best out of it.

Enjoy your present – You might wish to see the whole city in a day you are traveling to which is not possible at all. So it’s important for you to keep yourself practical and stick to what’s humanly possible. And enjoy the present place and experience the most.


Image 3


So just sign up on XOXO Tours for free and start travel dating now!


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Healthy Skin Care with Pure Bubbles – Product Review




I believe that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of make-up. You have to be good to your skin because that’s the most important thing that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. There is obviously no instant cure. You have to put in your time and effort for a healthy skin.

I am totally into the skin care thing. Starting from washing my face with a good face wash to keeping it hydrated when I am traveling out. I always make sure to scrub my face once in a week and religiously wash my face right after I finish my work and come back home. Unfortunately, my work includes a lot of traveling in the city with adds a layer of dust on my face, making it heavy and dull. The moment I wash it all out, I feel extremely fresh. Not Kidding! Skin care is essential, whereas make-up is a choice.

Introducing a home-made natural brand – Pure Bubbles. They use pure, eco-friendly and biodegradable products to make hand-made bath and body treats. I received few products from them a few weeks back and have been using them since then to review it for you all.

  • Black-out Hydrating Face Wash  – Firstly, this face wash is black in color. Obviously, it caught my attention. This face wash miraculously removes the dust or dirt layer on your face leaving your face hydrated and fresh. I have never seen such amazing results with any other face wash. I use it twice a day.
  • Foot & Body Butter – This foot and body better are perfect for people who have rough hands and dry & cracked heels. It softened my hands and feet and also keeps it hydrated.
  • Lavender and Chamomile Face Gel – This face gel is yet another amazing product that I have been using religiously. I usually use this gel before I head out and want to look fresh. The post effect of the gel is ah-mazing. It brightens your face quite literally.
  • Under Eye Nourishing Cream – I have rarely used this product but this under eye cream shows results only if you apply it regularly. The nourishing cream has helped me in getting rid of those dark circles so far.
  • Choco Coffee Face Scrub – Face scrub is a necessity. Like their other products, it does it’s work brilliantly. Removes the dead skin layers and keeps your skin soft and hydrated.
  • Aloe Rose Gel – You can use this product with a moisturizer. I use this product as an anti-suntan gel. It keeps my skin fresh and soft. You can actually use this product in multiple ways.
  • Pure Amber Body Butter – Body butter is such a wonderful discovery. The fragrance of this body butter is extremely pleasant. The combination of these oils helps in quickly healing the driest of the skin.



There are very few products that actually worked on my skin and these are one of those products that have shown incredible results. You should try Pure Bubbles too and see the results.

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