A Weekend at Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort – Property Review

A Stay-cation/Vacation is a holiday that we take to rejuvenate or to run away from the mundane hustle bustle of the city life. I would always choose a place that is less stressful and serene because I not a tourist. The traveler in me always wants to relax and unwind. A posh hotel with posh amenities doesn’t entice me anymore. The more sustainable and Eco-friendly the place is, the more appropriate for me.

Most of the places in and around Coorg wasn’t reasonable and the ones that you find online are mostly luxury properties. After a lot of research and surfing we finalized on the Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort which is situated in Kushalnagar and overlooks the Harangi Reservoir. This was a nature resort with birds chirping, pet dogs on the lake and water gushing. Quite a tranquil ambiance and filled with green foliage in every corner.


About Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort

If you are looking for a serene resort surrounded by dense forest and coffee plantations, then this is the place to be. The Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort in Kushalnagar is situated on the banks of Harangi Reservoir and Backwater. It’s a perfect weekend getaway for working professionals and families who wants a change and want to take time off their daily hurl-burly life. The property has a play area for Indoor and Outdoor activities. Coorg Jungle Camp Resort also has cycles that can be rented out to cycle around the coffee plantations. Apart from all the recreational activities, you can also take a dip in the backwater or just relax at their infinity swimming pool. The bar area also has a dance floor to groove to with your friends and families.

How To Reach Coorg Jungle Camp Resort

Well, I have already spoken about it in my earlier post on The Small Town Blogger. You can read it here.




My Experience in the Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort

We were welcomed by the manager of the resort who patiently showed us around the property and shared the timings and other important details about the activities that happens in the resort for all the house guests. The room tariff in this property includes breakfast and dinner which is amazing because sometimes in towns like these it gets difficult to find a place to eat. They also have a hi-tea time for all the in house gets in the resort around 5:30-6:30pm for tea, coffee and snacks at the dining area, with the view of the backwaters. And post that around 8:30pm, they have a band that comes in for live music and bonfire, A perfect setup for a chilly weekend evening. The resort has cottages and apartment like rooms accommodating on everyone’s budget.We stayed at the Nest Cottage that comes with a balcony, air conditioner, attached bathroom and a television. The balcony also had the view of the backwaters and the reservoir.

If you have plans of sight seeing around the city, the resort have fixed taxi charges based on the places that you want to see. Culinary experience wise, Kushalnagar doesn’t serve authentic Coorg Pork dishes like in Coorg. Otherwise, the platter of food that they serve in the breakfast and dinner buffed is reasonably appetizing with a vast option of dishes in both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian section. The service and the staff are impeccable and attentive.

The Spa in Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort sometimes have weekday discount offers on body spa, massages, facials etc. for all in house guests.

We stayed here for two nights and three days just relaxing and breathing fresh air.



The Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort can never disappoint you! A perfect getaway for the holiday season. Well, do you even need a reason to go on a vacation!?

Hope this post helps you to book your next stay-cation!

Property Details:

Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort

Address: Survey No. 56/2P2, Suntikopal Hobli, Coorg, Herur, Karnataka 571234

Phone: 094824 04040


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How To Reach Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort – A Guide For Your Trip

Coorg is also called The Scotland of India because the climate and the place reminds the tourists of Scotland.


The southern part of India can be a perfect weekend getaway for people living in Bangalore or flying from Bangalore. The roads are undoubtedly perfect for a long drive. In case you don’t have the option of self driving to these destinations, you can always book public transport to reach. KSRTC is well connected to most of the tourist destinations.

We were celebrating our One Year Wedding Anniversary and wanted to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After days of discussions and research, we realized we had to save up our paid leaves and money to attend few friends’s and relative’s wedding and chose to travel somewhere close to Bangalore. Coorg or in around Coorg was the best option that we could opt for!

Time Taken – The distance to reach Coorg from Bangalore is not more than 5-6 hours by road.

Best Time – It’s always a best time. The temperature is always pleasant any time of the year.

How To Reach – There are FOUR ways to reach Coorg:

  1. Bus – Private and Government AC? Non-AC Buses
  2. Hire a Cab or Self Drive – Approx. cost of ZoomCar is about 9-10k INR.
  3. Train – You can get off at the Mysore Railway station and take a cab to Coorg. Mysore is just 95 km away from Coorg.
  4. By Air – The closest airport is Mangalore which is 164 km away from Coorg.

What To Pack – Pack light so that it’s easy for you to walk around and also something to keep you warm in the night. But please no fancy shoes or heels. Stick to sneakers!

Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort is close to Harangi Reservoir in a upbeat location away from the Kushalnagar town. So we got off at the Kushalnagar Bus Stop which is 30kms away from Madikeri and a stop before. The resort was just 5 kms away from the bus stop, so we hired an auto for 250Rs to reach the resort.

Wait for more about Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort.

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Winter Essentials – Fashion Edit

Winter is here. I can feel the chill.

It’s been a long time since I have curated a look-book on my blog! And I couldn’t find a better time to document the winter looks that I have been styling and restyling here. Bangalore is always chilly in the night and that’s why you will see light summer jackets and woolen shrug in this look-book rather than a heavy bomber jacket or long faux fur coats. These outerwear in the pictures below are sufficient to keep ourselves warm during Bangalore winters. Although, looks like this year, Bangalore is going to be cooler than before.

I have always loved layering even during summers. Like I mentioned earlier, I might be sweating inside but my outfit details had to have an outer-wear. It is my signature style now! How I wished I could have gotten married in a long cape (superwoman style) with the sari.

This look-book has four must have winter essential for people living in cities that are not very cold or freezing!

The Winter Essential –

1. A Statement BlazerPerfect to style with Saris and other Indo-Western Outfits                                                 since Winter is also The Wedding Season in India especially. 

2. Woolen Shrug  -They are the best option to cuddle up in and also keeps you                                                          warm. 

3. Co-ord SetI have recently started liking the concept of a coordinated set where you                                   can style a suit as a whole outfit. Get some bright colours to keep your                                       winters brighter and less dull.


4. Over-sized Blazer/SweaterTuck the sweater in with pants or skirts and style the                                                                    over- sized blazer on your summer dresses or summer                                                                pants.










Note : Stick to bright colors like peach, orange, yellow, teal etc instead of grey and black!

Well, there was a time when I would always stick to black jackets, black sweaters and grey cardigans during winters because that’s the color palette I trusted. But with the change in the way I looked at fashion, my color palette also grew. Not that I don’t wear black anymore (maybe less frequently) but now my first choice is always a bright color or a floral tone.

I hope you liked the post!

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Why Are Facial Serums Trending?

We all look for beauty products to age gracefully, don’t we? So here I am to share my piece of knowledge and advice about this current trending beauty product called the FACIAL SERUMS.

According to the google description, Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. By leaving out many of the heavier ingredients that are found in traditional moisturizers, [face serums] contain a much higher proportional concentration of active ingredients.

So now that we have covered the description of the product, let’s talk about why they are trending so much more than any other beauty product.

The moisturizer and face creams that we have been using so far is said to be thicker and less powerful compared to any facial serums. The old school moisturizers and face creams have few ingredients that my not help the skin to be hydrated and moisturized when compared to the most trending serums.

When it comes to serums, you have to make sure to read the ingredients and get the specific skin type variant because there is a serum for every skin type unlike few moisturizers. The trending facial serums are pretty pricey but there are few affordable and vegan options, also easily available online and in the retail stores. A facial serum can be applied either in place of a moisturizer or used as an added process to the already followed beauty regime.




I have been using the PLUM COSMETICS’s facial serum for quite sometime now. It’s light and does penetrate into the skin easily and keeps my skin hydrated. My daily beauty routine consists of an Anti Wrinkle Serum, Facial Serum and a Sunscreen in the day time. And the night routine begins with cleansing my face and then ends with an application of a facial serum and an eye cream. It’s simple routine that I follow and trust because I have seen it work. The only thing that’s not working on me right now is the sunscreen because I get tanned very easily. Need to work on my immunity!

There are a few misconceptions regarding Facial Serums that are not true. The concentration of the liquid might be oily but it takes very less time to get absorbed, leaving your skin hydrated. Secondly, that more drops of serum is better but it’s actually the opposite. Just two drops of facial serum comes a long way. Remember, Facial serums are for all skin types.

All you need is a good face wash and a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated!


I hope you liked the post.

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