Things You Should Know If You Are Travelling to Seychelles

After a lot of contemplation, I decided to work on this post. Since it was a personal trip i.e. our honeymoon, I was in two minds to write about it but then I thought this would be helpful for travellers who are planning a trip real soon to Seychelles. I thought I had researched well before heading to this beautiful country but I successfully failed at that because all the travel blogs that I read was from a European’s or American’s point of view which is obviously different from an Indian’s point of view. There were rarely any travel post or videos that explained anything about the intrinsic details regarding the lifestyle and the food. Most of them were about how beautiful the island was!






Here I am with pointers on things you should know if you are travelling to Seychelles.

  • The Country – Seychelles consists of beautiful islands that depend on other countries for their resources. They import everything except for water and seafood. Most of the products are imported from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India. Hence all the prices are a little higher than usual, so make sure you carry emergency essentials with you if budget is a constraint.


  • Currency – Seychelles easily accept Euros at restaurants and stores but locally Seychellois rupee works well when it comes to transport or small scale food trucks. Remember, firstly SCR is higher than INR, plus the country imports everything that you might be looking for except for handicrafts. Frankly speaking, we spent most of our Euros on travelling than any other thing. We would have spent around 20000 -25000 INR just on our airport and ferry transits excluding the ferry tickets to other islands.


  • Food in Seychelles – I can blindly compare the authentic Creole cuisine to our Coastal cuisines. They are quite similar in taste. Most of the villas have a kitchenette because travellers prefer cooking their meal rather than eating outside. The restaurants are pretty expensive I would say for the food served. For example, meal for two at a simple restaurant in Seychelles would cost approximately 3000-4000 INR without any beverages. Even though Seychelles has it’s own water factory, but due to shortage of water resources, non of the restaurants serve water for free.


  • Entertainment Quotient – Seychelles is a hushed and reticent place. The people of Seychelles prefer dining in with their family on weekends and festivals rather than partying outside. There are rarely any places to chill post seven in the evening other than in Mahe, that too only if you are closer to the heart of the city. Among the three islands we visited i.e Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, La Digue was fun with Seychellois kids cycling around with JBL Boom Box and listening to captivating music and also dancing to it. La Digue had two party places with music and disco lights with no one inside which was pretty disappointing. There were rarely many people who would go out to party. La Digue is a tiny island with countable number of residents. Other than this, water sports will keep you busy in the day.


  • Transport – You have four options to choose from to travel around the city. You could either hire a taxi, which is an expensive affair or rent out a car to drive around if you are a confident driver on hills and curvy routes. Seychelles has a good bus connectivity to everywhere but the only issue is that, the last bus back would be around 6:30pm. Not that there was much to do post that but just in case. Lastly, you could always hitchhike and move around the city. That’s an option that we were given by the hotel manager too claiming that it’s safe.


Is this post helpful? If there are anymore questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below! Hope you liked the post.

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Must Watch Naga Chaitanya Movies

I have been a hardcore Nagarjuna fan since the time I watched “Ninne Pelladata” and the obsession just grew (in a good way obviously). It was in college that I discovered about Naga Chaitanya’s movies and have been following his movies too since then. From a raw actor to entertainer he is now, his acting graph has only grown.

So, being a fan, I was looking forward to catch his recent movie Sailaja Reddy Alludu online. After searching online, I came across the movie on ZEE5. On further exploration, I found some more of his movies on the platform, and I couldn’t be happier. That’s why I have created this list of his movies that you can watch on ZEE5.  

  • Ye Maaya Chesave

This was one of his first movies with actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who is now his wife. Both of them made their film debut with this film. For this reason itself, it’s always fun to look back. Ye Maaya Chesave brilliantly captured the compelling romance between both the lead actors which later changed from reel to real life. Having the classic Gautam Vasudev Menon touch, the story revolves around a young engineer Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) who wants to become a filmmaker and in that process, he falls in love with his tenant’s daughter Jessi (Samantha). I love how GVM developed the characters that felt so real and that makes me watch the movie again and again.   

  • Dohchay

Starring Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon, Dohchay revolves around Chandu (Naga Chaitanya) is a con man with a Robin Hood vibe. With his father in jail, it gets difficult to pay his sister’s college fees and that is why Chandu chooses to become a con man. This action – comedy movie is basically a diverse bag of emotions. With slick action sequences and impeccable comic timing by Brahmanandam, Dohchay is an underrated film in Chaitanya’s filmography.

  • Sailaja Reddy Alludu

Sailaja Reddy Alludu is a family drama that will not disappoint you. Similar to his first movie, the first half of the movie shows romance brewing between two neighbours. However, An egoistic clash between the main characters ( Naga Chaitanya, Anu Emmanuel and Ramya Krishna) creates conflicts that Chaitanya solves over the course of the movie. Featuring power packed on-screen performances by Chaitanya and Ramya Krishnan, this movie is a treat for the entire family.   

  • Tadakha

The story of Tadakha is majorly about two brothers and their bond. Usually, it’s the elder a brother who acts as a saviour to the younger one but here it is the other way round. A remake of the Tamil movie Vettai, the movie keeps the fun vibe of the original intact. The chemistry between Sunil and Chaitanya is fun to watch. Also, I got to mention Tamanna Bhatia and Andrea Jeremiah for the magnetic screen presence they had in the movie.  

  • Rarandoi Veduka Chudham

Though this movie tackles a similar territory in terms of story, it was appreciated by the audiences for the central performance by Chaitanya and Rakul Preet Singh. A complete family entertainer with chartbuster music by Devi Sri Prasad, the movie is a entertainer that you must not miss.  

So, that was my list of movies starring Naga Chaitanya. I would love to hear which one is yours? So, do share your views in the comments.

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A Sunday at Sunday The Spa

For me, the last two-three months went by faster than the speed of light. The Commercial Street had turned into my 1st home and after all the running around all I would want was to sleep. Even few hours before my wedding, I was running around tailors and the funny part is, I have been preparing for this since the beginning of 2018. But I guess that’s what the composition of wedding is.

I didn’t go for those quintessential bridal packages that most of the parlours have. I stuck to few home remedies and for other requirements I visited my usual place. Before heading to Hyderabad, I knew I was in desperate need of good spa session to think straight and look fresh for my wedding. I had heard a lot about Sunday- The Spa and decided to head there.

Sunday – The Spa is Bangalore’s prime Spa place and they provide an organic technique with pure and virgin products unlike any other commercial spas. They have effective treatments for skin, body and soul. Sunday – The Spa’s best seller being the Nashi Argan treatment. They have two spa and salon now in Bangalore, the first one is in Koramangala and they recently launched their second one in HSR Layout. I had been to the Koramangala one number of times, hence decided to check out their new spa place in HSR. The HSR one is undoubtedly serene and relaxing and also larger in space compared to their Koramangala outlet. HSR Layout’s Sunday The Spa makes you feel luxurious and composed the very moment you enter the place and that too at a very reasonable tariff rate.







Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We opted for a couple spa treatment and also added an extra service to the package. As per the service book, we were given Mukhtalif which says “Being different is beautiful. Mukhtalif brings you the best of Facial, Body Scrub, Body Massage and Body Wrap and entitles you to an opportunity to introspect and rediscover yourself.” The other service that we were looking for was manicure and pedicure but unfortunately they were booked for the entire day hence they couldn’t give us a slot for the same. Keeping that aside, Mukhtalif was heavenly and reposeful.  The session was obviously rejuvenating. It was a 60 minutes treatment starting with body massage, body scrub and a body wrap post which you are given 15 minutes of Sauna bath. I have heard that Sauna bath flushes out toxins which is good for people who rarely sweat. Sauna bath increases the blood flow since the blood vessels dilates. Surprisingly, I hardly sweat.

I started with my first spa treatment really late because I always looked at it as luxury but I would suggest everyone who are sceptical about it to enrol themselves in any spa treatment to start with, for your own benefit.

And now that I am back, I have decided to pamper myself atleast once in two months. Decent plan right? It’s all about the feel good factor and it is addictive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or email me!


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Five Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Bali

A Very Happy New Year to all my readers.

This post has been long pending and finally I am getting back on track with my blogging schedule. Fingers crossed. It’s been two months since I got back from Bali and travelled to another tropical zone. I will talk about that later.

It’s a new year and I have news for people who aren’t aware of the major change in life. I have navigated the transition from single to married. Yes! I am not sure if I would be working on the wedding outfit posts or not but will surely showcase them in either of my channel.

Alright then, let’s get started with the first post from my Bali series. There are few things that any traveller should be aware of before travelling to Bali. I did my research and contacted a lot of people to understand the place and figure out my travel schedule.

Here are those five things you should know –

  • Currency – IDR is crazy. Period. It took me two days to understand that mathematics of the exchange rate. Prepare yourself from before. And make sure you fractionate the money according to the requirement so that you don’t spend more than what is required. That’s what happened the first day – because your dearest The Small Town Blogger found everything dirt cheap.
  • Transit Visa If Required – I have heard people restricted from getting on to their connecting flights because of transit visa. Our flights we via Singapore and Malaysia. I was sceptical about Singapore, but after reading and talking to associates regarding transit visa, got that figured out.
  • Internal Transport – You can either hire a cab, 4-wheeler or a bike to roam around the city. But if you have plans of travelling from Ubud to Kuta or vice versa, then it might get exhausting. We preferred a bike to roam around the city but to travel intercity we hired a cab. The cheapest, safest and the most popular rental cab service in Bali is Gojek. Travelling between different cities is not just time consuming but expensive too. We stayed in two different city instead for two days, which made it easier for us to walk around the city.
  • Weather Conditions – With the current scene in Indonesia, it’s better to be cautious. Check the weather forecast before you book your tickets and accommodation.
  • Food – If you are not a fan of Asian cuisine, make sure you carry food from the country you are travelling from for comfort. Otherwise, Bali has exotic and very interesting way of serving food. Mostly sweet. From Satay to Nasi Goreng, it’s a diversified range.


Will soon post a detailed Bali itinerary. Hope this post serves it’s purpose.

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