Emoji’ing Away

The festivities are keeping everyone busy but I had a different reason. Have been running around stores and surfing online for the best deals for something big that’s coming. I just got back from a vacation and trying my level best to get rid of all the tan that I accumulated in Bali.

It’s winter in most of the places, but I decided to swing around Bangalore in this long blue maxi dress by Zaful instead. The city that I live in is cooler only in the evening but pretty sunny otherwise, just like those Sunday winter afternoons. This one is a wrap around dress and the entire outfit looks like the dancing lady emoji. Which I also spoke about on my Instagram post. The dress has pretty frills at the edges that gives it a bohemian touch and I couldn’t find a better place to shoot this outfit too. The quaint little cafe amidst the busy streets of Bangalore is serene and dream like. Wonder how I never discovered this place since last 10 years. Shame on me!

I mix and matched few silver necklaces that was lying in my jewellery box to layer it to cover the deep neck that the dress had. Instead of heels or flats, I chose a pop of colour and wore a brick red brogues from Ajio. I obsessed with these brogues and try my level best to wear it whenever I can. It’s my favourite airport foot wear.

Like I mentioned in my earlier posts, I am impressed with Zaful’s collection and how they manage to stay up to date with the current fashion trends at a very reasonable price. If you are travelling and don’t have a huge budget, Zaful is your best friend for quirky swim wear, robes, lounge wear and bags too. In my free time, I just scroll and surf through Zaful and window shop.


Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Dress  – Zaful

Oxfords – Ajio










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Location Courtesy – The Bohemian House

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Affordable Way To Revamp Your Bedroom

It’s festive season when guests come home quite often. But that not the only reason you need to beautify your home. Revamping the house always lifts your mood and makes you feel satisfied.

Many people find it difficult to revamp and change the decor, especially when it comes to bedrooms. While some with a sizeable budget hire a decorator, others surf through the internet for more economical ideas. If you look at it closely, the process of revamping your bedroom isn’t as strenuous as it feels.

To ease your effort, here are some insights to change the way your bedroom looks.

The easiest way to refurbish your bedroom is by changing the bed sheets. Bed sheets are the most ideal and economical way of revamping your bedroom space. Try adding bright or fainty colours to change that slumber zone into a dreamy one. Punchy fabrics and expressive patterns are one of the best options. The smallest change brings a lot of difference. While there are many options to choose from online, I went for Spaces Bed Sheets for my bedroom. That’s because their crisp clean look automatically making the room look fresh. You could also experience with a splash of colours for a happy mood upgrade.




There was a time when I wondered why mothers or homeowners would go crazy for home decor shopping and bed sheets especially. I have come to that stage where I understand the importance of a good bed sheet, pillow and duvets. Investing in a good set of bed sheets is a self-care routine. Nothing rejuvenates your mind and body than coming back to beautifully tucked textured bed sheets. Unlike Bangalore weather, other cities go through extreme weather changes. The type of clothes you wear also changes with different seasons and the same should be the case with your bed sheets. The idea is to switch those bed sheets for warmer one because winter is here. Pastel pink and purple is the colour of the current season when it comes to bed sheets. If you are looking for them online, you can expect some thicker and darker shade fabrics this season. Like I mentioned earlier, add some abstract pieces to change the decor according to the bed covers and season. As easy as it can be and it gets easier with online shopping!

Gone were the days when you have to go all the way to the market or mall to shop for something you like. Now, you can sit back at home and scroll through a wide range of bed covers.

I hope this post helps you redecorate and reorganise your bedroom!







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Five Telugu Action Movies You Must Watch

Action movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some call it violent and some call it art. No matter which side you are on, you know it’s not easy to fight those bad guys, run around the city lanes to save yourself, parkour around or coming up with the amazing punch line to scare the bad guys. Indian cinema has a crazy amount of action movies that are under rated. Especially, when it comes to south Indian action movies, the masses simply love it for the entertainment value they provide.

If you are a person who loves action movies then this is your guide to five must watch action movies of Telugu Cinema that you should watch at any cost.

  1. Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava


If you are a fan of Jr NTR’s action movies, then this one is a must watch. The movies is a different take on a similar story. Aravinda Sametha is about two rivals in a village who politically want to win and rule over the village.But things turn around and backfire. This is a perfect example of a good value aka Paisa Vasool movie. Jr NTR really worked to build a muscular physique for this movie and shines in the action sequences, especially one sequence tht is set on a field.


  1. Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India



Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India is an intense film that is different from other Allu Arjun movies. It’s about an angry soldier who makes an unapologetic mistake. The film is a perfect combination of nationalism, family issues and a touch of romance. Romance which you can now find on Zee5. It features one of Allu Arjun’s best performances in recent times with his scenes with Arjun Sarja being a spectacular highlight.




  1. Aattagallu

I got a little selfish here and added Jagapathi babu’s movie (“I am a fan”). His acting skills are intense and quite promising. The movie otherwise wasn’t a big hit in the theatres. But this murder mystery movie surely deserves more attention for attempting something different in Telugu Cinema. The clash between Nara Rohit and Jaggu Bhai was a treat to watch.




  1. Supreme



This movie is a perfect example of how a smart director can work around masala genre cliches to make a great entertainer. Supreme is extremely fast and doesn’t leave you idle even for a second. Sai Dharam Teja’s brilliant acting skill is delightful and impressive. Apart from the action sequences, the comedy scenes in the movie too stand out for their great entertainment value.




  1. BahuBali

download (1)

The biggest movie of Indian Cinematic History. PERIOD!!! The fight sequences are a visual treat for our sore eyes and something that an Indian audience never saw before. The set pieces, the weapons, the villains, everything speaks volumes about the production values that are of the highest quality. The war sequences are the best of its kind. Extravagant and an upscale movie today!
So are there any movie that you would have included in this list. Let me know in the comments section below.

Check out Zee5 for movies you have never watched before!

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The Festive Post

Happy Durga Puja!

The festive season is here and I can’t keep my cool. It’s that time of the year where you have long holidays, travel plans or just hopping around the city. Just like last year, I am again here with a sari post but this time I chose the conventional way rather than my radical sari styling way.

I always wanted a typical Bengali white & red sari and I asked my very talented friend Anupriya, if she knew where I could find it. And she did! If you didn’t know, she is the mastermind and the designer behind Howrah Bridge by Adg. Howrah Bridge has everything that a typical girl needs and size has never been a bar for them.  Don’t ask me how I missed on styling this sari last year! But back of my mind, I knew this sari was in a desperate need to be draped and I couldn’t find a better time than 2018 Durga Puja. I have gone past the need of getting a blouse stitched for the sari and instead just pair a contrast crop top with it. It’s comfortable and chic and the most important part is that it’s convenient too.  You would have noticed the handmade neck piece in my earlier post also. Some stylists say if you have a statement earring, avoid a statement neck piece but I decided to go crazy here and paired both together. Of course, I couldn’t stop myself from finishing the entire look by adding a bright red bindi. It’s a must! For a change I used the bum bag has a wrist-let but I think the colour of the bag camouflaged with the sari.

Hunting for a location to shoot is the most difficult task ever as a blogger. I am highly grateful to the team of The Bohemian House for giving me this opportunity to use their beautiful space to shoot and it turned out way better than what we had expected it to look like. The best part about this shoot was the vintage car that was parked outside the cafe which added that vintage Bengali Raj Bari look.

Draping a sari is an art, believe it or not. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyone can drape it but only a few master it. Thank god nobody was around me when I draped this sari and came out to shoot, because only I know how difficult and flawed it was.


Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top  – Forever21

Sari – Howrah Bridge by Adg

Accessories – Bauble Love

Bum Bag – Westside










Hope you liked the post!

Location Courtesy – The Bohemian House

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