The Secret Project


Few days back I came across this Instagram profile via a blogger friend who had recently collaborated with them. The sari dress caught my attention and took me directly to their website.

The story behind The Secret Project is captivating and awe-inspiring. Their aim is to work in NGO’s and charities that help empower women. Not just empowering, the organisation that they collaborate with lend a helping hand to women who want to earn a living but find it difficult to find opportunities. They have created a positive and joyful community centers for women to help and support them. Other than the Sari dress that they market, another unique concept that they make is the secret pillow that opens up as a fold-able quilt. Isn’t that amazing! Who could have thought of that but these women did it. If that isn’t stirring, I don’t know what is!!

I got my hand on this easy breezy sari dress that these women make. All the sari dress that they sew are trouble-free and simple. The designs are spunky and pretty. The material that they use are saris that we have always seen lying in a corner in our mother’s wardrobe. They have different materials like cotton, georgette, silk and options to choose from on their website on a very reasonable price. It gives you peace when you know that someone will benefit from the money spent on something good.

I styled this peachy cotton sari dress with a white shrug. The material is so soft and breezy that even after layering I could beat the Bangalore summer effortlessly. A perfect outfit to absorb the torpor.

What do you think?




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Hope you liked the post!

When women support each other, incredible things happen. Let’s empower and support woman. 

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How To Restyle Your Outfit? – Project 1

I am currently in the mood to restyle what ever I have in my wardrobe because I am tired of buying something and not wearing it. Sadly, there have been times where I had to discard them by either donating or giving it away without even wearing it once. And I know I am not the only one who faces these uneconomical situations on a regular basis. Brands like H&M have come out with a sustainable campaign which allows you to give away a bag full of clothes that you don’t need anymore and with every bag of clothes that you give away, you get a 15% discount coupon. They use those received clothes to refurbish it and come up with new designs in the same print. I hope this is true. I have tried this and have received coupons to purchase from the store. But that results in buying more new clothes which is the opposite of recreating styles.

The whole point of this project is to REUSE – RECREATE – RESTYLE.

I have noticed a lot of people reusing and recreating styles from outfits that they have worn once (on social media) , knowingly or unknowingly. I keep stressing on “worn outfit” because we are living in a generation where a lot of us buy clothes just for social media and then keep it aside for it to rot. And people who don’t wear new outfits are judged and looked upon. Yes, it is depressing! Thankfully, a lot of my friends believe in restyling. If you follow Styleprism, Ishtyleawhile, Shivani Boruah, and HuesofMe, you would know. The current leading fashion influencer Komal Pandey, lifestyle blogger Komal Singh and Charuta are few more names to add to that list of Restyling Gurus. They create styles out of their wardrobe that looks like magic.

In this post, I have recreated this style by reusing a satin dress that I had bought four years back from Goa (was almost going to discard it) and these Indo-western boots from Ajio (wore it million times). Some say beach dresses can’t be worn in a city but I don’t agree. All you have to do is up your restyling game. As simple as that.

Let’s come together and REUSE-RECREATE-RESTYLE!


Photography – Arya Photography
Dress – Local Shop in Goa
Blazer – Koovs
Boots – Ajio
Bag –   Shein


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Hope you liked the post!

Tag me in your restyling pictures so that I can re-share it on my stories to promote it.

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Mrs Subbalakshmi – A New Web Series on Zee5

There is no doubt that the internet is taking the world by storm. Nobody watches serials or shows at the exact time; most of the houses have fire stick or Google Chrome to watch whatever they want and whenever they want. More than TV shows and series, it is the web series that are currently killing it in the market with major actors collaborating with production houses, unlike television.

Coming straight to the post, when it comes to South Indian movies, shows or series, you can rarely find any woman-centric ones. They usually give huge importance to male leads. This has been going on for ages together and hopefully will change soon. Finally, on March 8th, ZEE5 launched and started streaming a series based on modern day woman called Mrs Subbalakshmi. The web series is produced and directed while keeping in mind that it is portraying 21st-century relationship and societal norms.


I won’t say that the life of a woman has changed over the years. We are in transit. There are a lot of women who are still restrained from doing what they want to do by their parents or by their family post marriage. Education plays a very important role but more than that the important part is how an individual has been brought up in this society. That speaks a lot about one’s character.

Mrs Subbalaksmi revolves around a married woman who loves to read, is into sports and loves extra help like any other woman in this country. After a lot of speculation, the female lead decides to pamper herself after her ignorant husband forgets their anniversary.

Three reasons why you need to watch Mrs Subbalakshmi web series right away:-

  • The Cast – Lakshmi Manchu daughter of famous Telugu actor Mohan Babu has made a comeback via the digital world for the first time. Mrs Subbalkshmi is directed by the very talented Mr Vamsee. Another brilliant actor, Srinivas Avasarala will be seen as Lakshmi’s husband in this series.  Srinivas Avasarala had worked in the latest NTR movies as LV. The script is written by Balabhadrapatruni Ramani. Even in the press meet, she was very confident that the web series would do great among the audience.
  • The Story – The main reason is that Mrs Subbalakshmi is a woman-centric web series that paints the story about the indifference between typical couples. The story is transparent and is relatable to every household in this country. Mrs Subbalakshmi is an answer to those women who want the freedom to do what they want. It’s more about equality and freedom to live than anything else.
  • Curiosity – I wonder how the tables are going to turn after the female lead decides to live her life the way she wants.
  • The Plot – The series then turns into this follow up of that one-day escapade where she goes on a date with herself. With flashbacks from initial days and the current time, the story brings in more detail. For example, how the daughter goes through her mother’s old pictures while the father explains the little one why it’s not a “woman’s thing” to do. It does heat up your brain, doesn’t it? But frankly speaking, there are a lot of women who faces this issue even today.

It’s about the real, modern women who exactly know what they want and don’t put up with any sexist, misogynist nonsense.


Sources –

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RECREATE Fashion – Part III


The last “Recreate Fashion” post was about a lehenga skirt’s transition into an evening dress. If you haven’t read the post, please click here. Currently, I have brand new ethnic bottom-wear in my wardrobe because of the recent status change from single to married. Ethnic wear and Indo-Western outfits are something that I get stitched locally because I can never find anything interesting to wear. Plus, there are such pretty fabrics in the market that you would not find in the ready-made section. Off-late, I have been into buying materials and getting it stitched. It’s fun and pretty reasonable undoubtedly.

So during the wedding preparations, I had to have a backup plan for the outfits that I was planning on wearing.  Just in case something happens. I had few Kurtas and different types of bottom-wear ready for the post wedding rituals. Now those pants and skirts are lying in a closed section of my wardrobe. Instead of waiting for an event to look forward to style these outfits, I decided to style them in my “Recreate Fashion” series on my blog.

Here I am styling a pair of palazzo with two layer of black tops. Well, in my defense it wasn’t so hot in Bangalore that time. I bought this sequinned pant as a backup to pair it up with any kurta. Sequinned pants are something that you wouldn’t wear it often but what if you style it in such a way, so that it looks comfortable and cool. Keeping that in mind, I decided to pair these sequinned pants with long black t-shirt and since the long t-shirt was transparent, I layered it with another black top inside it, so that it camouflages. The plain black long t-shirt gives the entire outfit a subtle look without making the sequinned pants flashy. Imagine if I paired this with a white long top with some statement neck-pieces – that would make a perfect outfit for a cultural party or a day outfit for a wedding. I shall recreate this style next time to show you the difference.

What would you have paired these pants with other than a kurta?


Photography – Arya Photography
Long TShirt – HM
Pants – Lifestyle
Accessories – Random Instagram Page 














Hope you liked the post!

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