Debunking Shaving Myths

Since the time I started waxing, I was always told that shaving was bad for my skin. Everyone around me also thought shaving made hair grow faster and thicker, which is a myth and not true at all. The growth of hair depends on your genetics and hormones. When I was in college, shaving was the only reasonable option. The problem was, we didn’t have a good razor then and most of them were either men’s razor or use and throw ones.

I will be busting some shaving myths here in this post! Hope this helps you change your mind about shaving.

  • It’s fine to use deodorant straight after shaving your underarms 

I have gone through this situation where right after shaving, I sprayed deo on my underarms and there was a burning sensation. I would suggest you spray only non-alcohol deodorant post your shave.

  • Shaving makes your skin dark

False! Shaving does not make your skin darker. If you use the right razor, there won’t be any cuts that would lead to an irritant change in your skin causing darkening. There use the right razor and you are good to go.

  • Shaving causes itching and rashes

Itching and rashes only happen if you don’t moisturize your skin on regular basis. Just like how you drink water to keep your body hydrated, your skin needs the same care. Wet your skin before shaving for a perfect shave. Shaving with an old blade might also be the reason behind itchiness and rashes. Make sure you use a fresh blade,

  • Pressing hard will give a closer shave

Pressing hard will only give you cuts and rashes. The razors already come with great technology that shaves the hair on your skin in one go.

  • Shaving over the same area repeatedly will give me a closer shave.

This will only irritate your skin more because you are basically rubbing the razor on the skin and not shaving it.

  • You should only shave to just above the knee.

You can totally shave above the knee but you have to very careful. This is completely your personal choice.

  • Shaving every day is bad for the skin.

False! I shave almost every day and haven’t found anything go wrong with my skin. The skin becomes smoother post the shave.

The Gillette Venus Breeze have moisture bars that release body butter on your skin when you shave. Make sure your skin is wet before the procedure. The moisture bars also helps the razor to glide effortlessly. Three blades in one give you a close shave with no cuts and rashes. The Gillette Venus Breeze helps with smooth and silky skin. It’s easy to change the blades once the moisture bars are completely consumed. Perfect for travel too.


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Detail Makes The Difference

CREATIVITY Boosts Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any better, given the difficult economic context, weavers are again outdoing each other in creativity and inventiveness, Displaying Superlative technical expertise, fabrics for Summer 2017 were mouth watering in their creativity and innovation – Sometimes exceptional It was this creativity that boosted Milano Unica and Première Vision this season, driving the optimism and energy felt throughout the fair’s – driven also by the need to sell in international markets. For many, it was not a false hope, as business was actually being done, thanks to the increased presence of foreign buyers looking for European fabrics. Visitors from the USA and Japan were back and there were increases in the numbers of buyers from key emerging markets, Russia, China, and Brazil. Fashion Magazines from Design Info have depicted several such instances.

 ORNAMENTAL EXCESS The strongest impression of next winter’s fabrics lay in opulence and ornamental richness, But at the same time, the look was sophisticated and controlled – without too much bling. Different techniques are applied in layer upon layer, giving fabric complexity in decoration or more weight and substance. Nothing is quite plain, fabrics have surface effects created through yarn and structure, or finish in coatings and laminates, overprinted or embroidered. Design Info has given a complete analysis in their top Accessories Magazines on the latest ornamental trends.

Jacquards really stood out, bringing pattern designs into Winter after the wave of prints for summer. In high demand, whether in silk or blends, cotton and wools, jacquards range from shirtings in tiny tie motifs and paisleys to large scale brocades and taffetas in updated baroque patterns and tapestries, rich but without visual excess, or With Volume in double cloths and cloqué Efilan effects.


Metallics are part of the mix, but less overtones dull bronze and gold, added in the yarn, or coated or laminated and given an antiqued look as if scraped off. Adding to the look are rich embroideries, and heavy guipure lace, velvets, and devoré prints.


Among others, Ratti experimented with layering transparent over opaque in jacquard cloqués, accented with fancy yarns or ribbon yarn and enriching fabrics in different ways, with metallic details and inserts. Tessitura Romano’s jacquards are even more decorative, in baroque patterns, foulards, and paisleys, with stretch jacquards an important feature, including an astrakhan effect in jacquard cloqué. Embroideries are imitated in jacquard, seen at several exporters from India, which also has real embroideries and a fabric with huge metallic sequins, nominated for the PV awards.

By way of contrast, Dutel Creation from France, has a distinctive modern look of its own in creative jacquards, at reasonable prices, loved by better end brands. Hitting the spot were quited effects in cotton/ silk or blends, tapestry patterns and scribbled border stripes or bold florals on black/white mouliné grounds. Chenille plays its part, again in jacquards, as well as extra weft effects, while finishes include metallic coatings and overprinting.

Unnatural polyesters have become acceptable, as they get better and better. They are in demand, even for high fashion prints, as silk replacements in taffetas and satins, gauzes and organzas, as well as georgette and crepe-de-chine. Polyester also works in mixes AAA with silk or Wool, increasing the fineness and smoothness. Polyester shot taffetas look stunning from Weft, With a bionic finish, and Cavallari has a range of massive prints as well.

Please visit their website – to purchase online.

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I Have Been Hemplified featuring Satliva

Did you know hemp seeds are the most nutritious seeds in the world? I was unaware of the nutritional side until recently when Satliva invited us to their factory, to witness the entire process and see how their products are made. Hemp seeds are the seeds of the hemp plant called Cannabis. They are rich in healthy fat, protein, and minerals.

Satliva uses hemp seed oil in all their products. Hemp seed oil is nature’s perfectly balanced oil. It has amino acids, omega 6, omega 3, and essential fatty acids which are the prime combination for healthy skin. Hemp oil is produced by cold press extraction from the seeds of the hemp plant. This entire process is to make sure all the omega, minerals and anti-oxidants remain intact in the processed oil. Last week when we were at the Satliva factory, we also got the opportunity to make our own soap. We received few products from Satliva, according to the nature of our skin and hair. I have used these products on regular basis since last one week and has become a part of my regular essentials.

Satliva Hair Cream – The hair cream consists of hemp oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, bees wax and rosemary essential oil. Hair cream can be used for styling and anti-frizz hair. They act as a natural conditioner and restrict hair fall. This Satliva hair cream promotes hair growth too. I have used the hair cream twice and the after effects post the application is satisfying. My hair feels soft and silky! I apply the hair cream 30-45 mins before the shower. It’s a non-greasy cream, so you can also apply it after showering for shine.

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Satliva Face Butter – The face butter is made of hemp oil, mango butter, moringa, carrot seed oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and beeswax. We all know that carrot seed oil is best used as an anti-tan oil. This face butter aworks as an anti-ageing cream since it tightens facial skin and it also increases your complexion. The Satliva face butter works best on people struggling with acne, dry skin, sunburn, rashes, and eczema.

Satliva Lip Butter – Lip butter and balm are the most essential. I carry one in each bag. The Satliva lip butter consists of hemp oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, spearmint essential oil, and red raspberry oil. The lip butter keeps your lip protected for about five hours. If you wear lipstick a lot, you can apply lipstick after the application of the lip butter for moisturized lips. 

A lot of patience, time and research have been put into Satliva. The packaging of products is exceptionally appealing and winsome. The best part is, the products are reasonably priced











You can “score” their products exclusively on Satliva.

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The Perfect Spice

On public demand, I am finally here with a jewelry haul. You can call it “Part 1” because these are just best of the statement neckpieces I own. Spice plays a cardinal part in the Indian Kitchen because spice makes a lot of difference in any dish you make. Similarly, a statement neckpiece always complements the outfit in every way. A statement necklace can make one outfit look different for two different occasions. It’s the most transformative thing you can wear.

The time when I was in college, I was fanatical about fake silver earrings and the oxidized ones. Not that I don’t now, I have a collection of earrings too but I rarely wear them when compared to neckpieces. My typical college outfit was jeans, kurta, kajal and earrings. That was my college attire. Passion for accessories shifted to these statement neckpieces unconsciously. Since then my eyes always went for big & bold statement neckpieces. My dad would always wonder why I needed so many accessories and kept taunting me about opening a shop. He never understood the concept of having so many accessories for just one person. 

When it comes to ethnic wear, I stick to my big statement earrings. The type of jewelry you wear tells a story about you. Now whenever I spot the accessories aisle, I can’t resist myself but buy something that’s unique and one of a kind. A statement piece is that one thing that makes you feel extraordinary.

Accessories are the exclamation mark of a woman – Micheal Kors

Some tips & tricks – A basic tee can transform from day to night outfit with just an addition of a statement neckpiece. Statement neckpiece should be the center of your look, so don’t go all crazy and wear all your favorite pieces at once. Being polished doesn’t have to be boring. You can wear a buttoned up blouse with a blazer, add a statement necklace around the collar. Try mixing up your look with two neckpieces. Maybe a choker and a chain. I personally love the multi-layered necklaces. It looks great on V-neck tops and collared blouses. Always remember to combine the right neckline with the right neckpiece.


Photography – Arjun from PICSPLOT.COM



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Thrift Shop



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From Tjori 


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From Lifestyle 



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Thrift Shop


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What is your favorite accessory that makes you feel extraordinary?

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