D.I.Y. – A Sparkly Lamp For Your House Parties

So , lets get started with it !!

I already had a sad looking wine glass lamp which I want to re decorate and that is how I got this IDEA !! I am surely passionate about lighting about the world . I love candles , dim lighting etc. A lamp shade is a little thing that can make a big difference .

There is no harm in sharing the slightest and smallest idea that you have ! So here I am , with A Sparkly Lamp .



Things that you would need to sparkle a dull thing :

  1. Lazer Cut Bottom Wine Bottle / Any Bottle
  2. Bulb
  3. Bulb Socket
  4. Tape and Scissors
  5. Fevi Gum
  6. Fabric Paint and Brushes
  7. Sparkles !! ( Main Thing )



Where to buy it from : ( Currency In INR )

  1. So if you already have a used bottle at home , you can go to any mechanical store and get the bottom lazer cut for a lamp .
  2. Any electrical store in your area will have a bulb and a bulb socket . they usually use the bulb socket to test the bulbs that are being purchased by the customers and also wires . You can buy the socket board either is square or round for 200Rs .You would surely want to save energy , you can buying a CFL or a LED bulb in yellow light . CFL would be around 150rs and LED around 250Rs.
  3. All the other stationeries wouldn’t cost you more than ย 150Rs from any local stationary store.
  4. I used the Fabric Paint to give the bottle a base . Its optional.


Procedure :

  1. This whole thing might be a little messy so put a newspaper base so that the sparkle dust or the gum wouldn’t fall directly in your floor or carpet.
  2. I taped the head of the bottle so that the sparkles to mix there since I was going to apply a different colour there.


3. Next , I used a brush to apply the gum on the glass so that when I sprinkle sparkle on it , it sticks to the adhesive.

4. I bought 5 different colours , Purple , Blue , Silver , Gold and Red . So you can choose which colour base would you initially want . I chose silver !!

5. So you can use the sparkle accordingly on the bottle and let it dry for a while before you sprinkle the next layer . Use your brush to adjust and spread the sparkles on the battle . A little bit of extra patience might be needed here . *wink*



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