A Day in My Life

The Yogisthaan Cafe – A Day in My Life

There are times when you don’t want to sit at your work station and work . A peaceful environment and a beautiful surrounding always brings in a positive energy.

On a very lazy day , I had to go to work or work from home . I wanted a different and peaceful place to sit down to put my thoughts together . There was no way I could sit at home and work , since I was sure I would not come out off my bed. Having that as my “no no” thought to work from home , I decided to do some Google search and found out few places where people usually hangout and sit to work .

Yogisthaan Cafe was one of them. There were few reviews , who of-course didn’t want this peaceful place to be commercialized because then the aura of the place would just perish. This cafe is filled with good positive vibes . Yogisthaan is an apt name for this place . The moment I entered , I totally grasped the fact about why people were so possessive about Yogisthaan Cafe.  I for sure didn’t want to leave .

A Cafe where you can meet different people with different energy levels . Its wonderful to meet such wonderful and beautiful souls and also learn something new . Hospitality is no doubt impeccable , they make you feel at home . Now , I make it a point to go to Yogisthaan Cafe once in a week and stay at peace . The food and the beverages are organic and healthy .

They have a wonderful ambiance and prepossessing service. A place where creativity and art meets .



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