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Wear to Work Liber-ally

In between travel, work and social life, there are times when you just want to head to a restaurant or a pub to relax and worry about not wearing the right clothes. It’s all about style and being classy! Who says work clothes can’t be all fancy! There are days i.e Monday to Wednesday when I look like a grandma and then comes Thursday. There is this pre-weekend excitement that comes with Thursday. You know your friends will suddenly plan something crazy and you would have to reach a party place soon after work. Remember, its Bangalore and weekends are only when everything is open until 1am.

What to wear to work? Shake up your 9-5 with work appropriate chic, modern pieces. Boss the office runway with some workwear, from sleek jackets to pencil trousers. Frankly, I am a very lazy person, I would rather run to the place, rather than go home and change. If you are me, you know what to do, wear fancy clothes to work and be the diva! A pretty top and black trousers always work for me. All you have to do is spray some face mist on you and you look fresh as the morning star !!

Here I am with a look book on how to look work-friendly and pub-friendly too *wink*. We are sorted for the Thursdays and Fridays !!

Talking about pubs and fancy places, we have a new spot in town, in the heart of the most happening Indiranagar. Liber opened just a few months back. Classy is the first word that I came to my mind when I first stepped in. The place is gigantic and super spacious. It won’t take much time to get the crowd in here. This 3-floor beautiful rest-o-bar has an open bar and rustic furniture. I personally love the last floor, which has a translucent roof, makes you feel free. Talking about free, Liber means freedom and such an appropriate name.

Rooftops are the most searched places in Bangalore, blessed with weather scenes like this. Liber makes it one of the best roof-top places in Bangalore.They have wood fired pizza and charcoal grill. The walls are filled with retro posters and frames. On the whole, the aesthetic of Liber is very modern and Bangalore friendly. Will soon head to this place for some foodgasm. You know what I mean 😉

*Outfit Details*
Shirt – Vero Moda
Trousers – Mango
Heels – Done By None
Bag – Charles & Keith (Gifted)

Photography – Divyank Jain

Location Courtesy – Liber Rest-o-Bar


If you are in Bangalore. you know where you need to be !!

Liber away to glory !! 🙂

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