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Five Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Fort Kochi

If you are following me on Instagram, you must have noticed that I went on a weekend getaway with my friends to Fort Kochi. All of us did our part of the research on the town to understand the culture and the people.

I decided to jot down five things that you should know about Fort Kochi in case you have plans of traveling to Kochi.

  1. What to pack – Fort Kochi, the fishing village is a small town. Some of the architecture might remind you of Pondicherry but the place isn’t very extravagant outfit friendly. Make sure you carry less revealing clothes like cotton pants or summer dresses that are not too short. Most of the hotels in Kochi & Fort Kochi have a pool, so make sure you carry your swimsuits. Kochi is moderately hot and humid all around the year hence sunscreen and tan removal products are a must pack.
  2. Safety – Make sure you come back to your rooms by 8:30pm because the lanes get darker which makes it unsafe for solo travelers. Not just that but it might get difficult for you to find an auto to head back to where you are staying post 8:30 if you don’t have your own transport. You can always call the hotel reception in case you are stuck somewhere.
  3. Shopping – Most of the things that you will find there are pretty common touristy souvenirs. Jew town and spice market are a must visit for their antiques, conventional Kerala sarees and lungis and Kochi famous spices.
  4. Traveling around Fort Kochi – Autos and Uber are easily available in and around the city. We took a prepaid taxi from the Kochi airport to the town and moved around the village in an auto. There are places from where you can hire bicycles to ride around the town for a very reasonable price.
  5. Food & Drinks – According to Wikipedia and my experience Kerala currently allows alcohol to be served in most hotels, bars, and airports. If you are still unsure about the same, you can always carry alcohol from the city you are traveling from. There are many general stores in case you are looking for nibblies or aerated drinks.


Travel does the heart good!!

Hope you liked the post!

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