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Mrs Subbalakshmi – A New Web Series on Zee5

There is no doubt that the internet is taking the world by storm. Nobody watches serials or shows at the exact time; most of the houses have fire stick or Google Chrome to watch whatever they want and whenever they want. More than TV shows and series, it is the web series that are currently killing it in the market with major actors collaborating with production houses, unlike television.

Coming straight to the post, when it comes to South Indian movies, shows or series, you can rarely find any woman-centric ones. They usually give huge importance to male leads. This has been going on for ages together and hopefully will change soon. Finally, on March 8th, ZEE5 launched and started streaming a series based on modern day woman called Mrs Subbalakshmi. The web series is produced and directed while keeping in mind that it is portraying 21st-century relationship and societal norms.


I won’t say that the life of a woman has changed over the years. We are in transit. There are a lot of women who are still restrained from doing what they want to do by their parents or by their family post marriage. Education plays a very important role but more than that the important part is how an individual has been brought up in this society. That speaks a lot about one’s character.

Mrs Subbalaksmi revolves around a married woman who loves to read, is into sports and loves extra help like any other woman in this country. After a lot of speculation, the female lead decides to pamper herself after her ignorant husband forgets their anniversary.

Three reasons why you need to watch Mrs Subbalakshmi web series right away:-

  • The Cast – Lakshmi Manchu daughter of famous Telugu actor Mohan Babu has made a comeback via the digital world for the first time. Mrs Subbalkshmi is directed by the very talented Mr Vamsee. Another brilliant actor, Srinivas Avasarala will be seen as Lakshmi’s husband in this series.  Srinivas Avasarala had worked in the latest NTR movies as LV. The script is written by Balabhadrapatruni Ramani. Even in the press meet, she was very confident that the web series would do great among the audience.
  • The Story – The main reason is that Mrs Subbalakshmi is a woman-centric web series that paints the story about the indifference between typical couples. The story is transparent and is relatable to every household in this country. Mrs Subbalakshmi is an answer to those women who want the freedom to do what they want. It’s more about equality and freedom to live than anything else.
  • Curiosity – I wonder how the tables are going to turn after the female lead decides to live her life the way she wants.
  • The Plot – The series then turns into this follow up of that one-day escapade where she goes on a date with herself. With flashbacks from initial days and the current time, the story brings in more detail. For example, how the daughter goes through her mother’s old pictures while the father explains the little one why it’s not a “woman’s thing” to do. It does heat up your brain, doesn’t it? But frankly speaking, there are a lot of women who faces this issue even today.

It’s about the real, modern women who exactly know what they want and don’t put up with any sexist, misogynist nonsense.


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