A Day in My Life

A Beautiful Monday Morning

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Just like any other Monday ! All of us woke up irritated to the new day after a peaceful weekend .

Secretly wished I could  bunk work .
 The clouds were gloomy and the sky was dark . A lazy Monday it was . A day when I would love to relax at home on my chair and eat hot pakodas with the green chutney . But unfortunately it was Monday .

Got all set to leave on my activa to my work place . Meanwhile at the signal , the expression of my co-travellers were worth it . Most of the working people either sleepy or irritated . Kids crying in the school bus or rather sitting silently . Somehow I wish Monday was more interesting to deal with.

Worked a bit 😉 which was ignited by my office tea .

It rained heavily without a break unlike the usual Bangalore rains. Me sitting inside the office and looking through the clear window screen , wishing I was at home . My room mates were cribbing in the whatsapp group about boring the beautiful weather turned out to be .

I came back home after lunch and relaxed at home alone . Had to eat something for the day and decided to order typical Bengali combo ” luchi and aloo dum ” from Gopal Bhar in Koramangala . Placed the order and eagerly waited for the delivery boy from swiggy to come .

Cleaned my wardrobe after i finished my mini lunch . Regarding my wardrobe lol ! Too many clothes to fit into my small wardrobe, so in between i have to sort them out to know what new clothes I have which I haven’t even touched for ages.

It was already 6pm and time for the cook and my room mates to come home from their dreaded Monday office . The weather was very good to have food made by cook ( would explain about the cook someday )  so we decided to cancel our cook and order something delicious from outside and feel good .

Then after little bit of chit chatting , we all went back to sleep for a new day to come .

                                                                                                          Good Night . Bye Bye !!

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