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What’s in my Bag ? – Every Curious Girl would want to know ;)


So , here is the most awaited blog ! The topic that every girl loves to search on Youtube or rather Google for blogs . Might sound creepy but I love to see what people carry in their bags ! Don’t ask why ?

I got this smart black satchel bag from Bombay Street Market . Surprisingly it does look pricey but it isn’t !! I am sure people from Bombay wouldn’t be surprised  😉 I guess it was the Bandra Shopping Area from where I had bought this for 700 Rs. after rigorous bargaining . Two places in my country where i would love to shop and eat , um actually three : Bombay , Delhi & Goa . Just love !! 

The Clutter

These are all the things that you would find in my bag everyday . From Wallet to Eno Bulbuley 😉 Hahah . I might rarely use it but still I believe in “Precaution is better than Cure ” . Lets head to what  we can spot in my bag !!

Clutter In My Bag

What’s in my Bag :

1. Wallet – Without which surviving is impossible when you are independent in a city like Bangalore. My Wallet is from a store called Levitate in Bangalore . They sell adorable quirky stuff and other silver accessories .

2. IPAD Mini – I carry my Ipad mini everywhere I go . Not only is it useful for work but whenever I get bored I either watch series or play games in my Ipad . When I don’t have meetings lined up , I go to a coffee shop and play games 😉

3. My Kit – I don’t usually apply make up in general so wouldn’t call my kit The Make-up Kit like people usually do . This Kit has all the emergency products needed when required . Sudden plan with friends or super bad temperature might be the reasons I would want to use my kit for . I got my pouch from Fab Bag . Basically Fab Bag is an e-commerce website where you need to subscribe for this bag either monthly or yearly . The Fab Bag is sent to you on that basis with new skin care , make up etc samples .

4. One Plus Charger & Power Bank – No smart phone works without a double charge these days !!

5. Protein Bars , Mints or Tic Tacs – While you are working , its impossible to eat when you are actually hungry ! So to kill my hungry I eat protein bars or tic tacs till I hit a place to hog on !!

6. Miscellaneous – I carry my lip gloss or colour bust with always since I  meet my clients on regular basis and need to look fresh and bright ! My bag also has a small mirror which i bought from forever 21 😉 . I am a forever 21 fan ! Well who isn’t ?! Comb , Tissues ( Wet & Dry ) and Hand Sanitizer is a must and you would find that in any bag I carry come what may !

7. Perfume – Who in the world wouldn’t want to smell good !? I hate bad odour , its a turn off for me 😉 I always carry a sample size perfume in my bag ! The one that you see in the picture is from marks and Spencer caller Per Una ! They have a good collection of travel edition perfumes which I love and so does zara . 

8. Sunglasses – I have a fetish for sunglasses of any kind  . My almirah consists of weird coloured eye frames , quirky shades from Goa and normal sunglasses . I always carry two pair of sunglasses in my bag and use it depending on my mood 😉 In my bag I have my Aldo Shades and Forever 21 Shades. The Sunglasses Cover is from Zara .

The Fab Bag Kit

My Kit consists of tooth brush , face wash and moisturisers more like an emergency kit. I keep travelling without prior notice and a surprise night out can happen any day ! I love the design of the pouch . Looks tiny but can accommodate a lot of things inside.


My Chashmas 😉

These are two of my beautiful sunglasses ! The cream one is from Aldo and the black winged one is from Forever21 . I carry both of them to work 🙂 My personal favourite is the black one as of now .

Hope you loved my What’s in my bag edition !! 🙂

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