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What I Did in Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival ( Bangalore , India )

So me and my friend , we decided to go for this Bangalore Food Truck + Music Fest in Pebbles . It was all about food and music !!

We woke up a bit late because of the Saturday Pyjama Party at home . Anyway the event was going to start only from noon. So we got decked up and left for Pebbles around 1pm .

I was so excited for the food fest ! and in my head it was only FOOD FOOD FOOD !! Hahaha  :p

Finally we reached our destination . Pebbles 😀 . Well Pebbles is a jungle lounge , a part of Palace Grounds in Bangalore and one of the best pubs or lounge in Bangalore . They have Psy parties , Ladies night , Kitsch Mandi , Food and Music Fest extra , Its a large area . I have always loved this place !! My favourite of all the places in Bangalore.

We had to pay 200Rs as entry fee for the Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival . There were so many people , eating , with their pets . It was so much fun seeing them . We decided to go have a look at the trucks and start hogging !

The whole place was decorated by Kitsch Mandi . It was beautiful and soon I will decorate my house also in the same way . *inspired*

Later , we decided on which truck to start from . We could see everyone eating delicious hot dogs so we ran to the truck called BBQ Spitfire where we ordered for one New York Style Hot Dog and One BBQ Smoked Chilli and Cheese Hot Dog with Bacon. They told us that it would take time so we went inside the lounge to get ourselves Beer to drink .

Meanwhile we could see a lot of local bands playing and singing . It was pretty ! I don’t know if you are familiar with this YouTube sensational song called “This is Bengaluru” sung by Rinosh George . Well he was also there entertaining us with his wonderful songs !

After a while we went back to our truck to get our food that we ordered !

We found a seat to sit and eat / drink peacefully till we hit the next truck . It had not expected so much crowd but it was filled with people who love food and music .

 Like minded people I would say 😉

There were other trucks like Foodipa , SWAT Truck , Square Ruth and Wicked off .

 After a while we went to this truck called Fuel -Up since we wanted to have Keema Pav . We ordered for one Keema Pav and a desert called Churros .

You must be wondering how did the pastry kind a thing come into this picture !!??

Well when we went to get the food , I saw this pastry lying on the table . I was basically eye-ing on this particular desert. Was curious to know what it was , so I asked the lady of Fuel -Up what it was called ! She was really sweet to give that pastry to me just like that to eat ! It was on the house since someone who ordered for it didn’t turn up . Yayy !! Super Happy 🙂

The stomach was happy and so was our mind . Pebbles was lit up and looked so beautiful and colourful. The ambiance was perfect for the evening . People were dancing to the music with beer and food . It was a wonderful experience .

Stomach Full – Heart Happy – Perfect Sunday

Loved This Event and I wish this happens again soon !! Good Job Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival !!!

Thank you 🙂

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