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“Part Of The Secret To Success In Life Is To Eat What You Like and Let The Food Fight It Out Inside” – A Lunch Date with SodaBottleOpenerwala (Bangalore,India)

“Food for The Body is not enough . There must be Food for Soul “

On a bright Wednesday afternoon while working , there were weird food thoughts running through my head ! To tell you the truth I really wanted some breathtaking food for soul . When at work , I only get to eat fried rice , Idli or Dosa ( South Indian Dishes ) , so decided to go to a fancy place to feed my pretty soul .

After an intensive look at all the interesting restaurants that Zomato wanted me to head to , I decided on SodaBottleOpenerWala ! Yayy !! Had heard a lot about this place from my friends but never got a chance to visit this lovely place.

I was just trying out my editing skills with this image. Personally loved the trippy image !

I was a bit too late for lunch time since it was already 3pm working , so I hurried up to head to SodaBottleOpenerWala on Lavelle Road which was closer to my work place . The moment I entered , I was enchanted by the décor of this alluring restaurant . SodaBottleOpenerWala is situated right behing The Bierre Club on Lavelle Road .

So , there are few regulations to be looked upon when you visit this place !

Just for fun 🙂

This place had a total old rustic Parsi look which was charming for sure . They had this toy train attached to the ceiling and the train kept running around the loop all the time . Coming back to food story , I was desperately in need of good food . The server got us the fascinating menu card.

We ordered for some drinks to start with . I was curious to see Bhau Ju Nu Thuulu Cocktail on the menu . So I ordered that and my friend ordered for a Bawa Peg .

Well , my drink , Bhauji Nu Thullu came with this sweet cigarette designed mint candy .

For starters , we ordered for The Goan Sausage Pav and Masala Fries with Cheese which was delectable . Everyone should know I am a Potato Freak ! Lol !!

We did not give up here . Especially I needed more food in my tummy . We then head to the main course section , and ordered for some Berry Berry Chicken Pulao delightful . Some people I know dont eat rice without Raita ( Raita is an Indian , Pakistani and Bangladeshi side dish made with curd together with raw or cooked vegetables) but the chicken minced with the rice was semi gravy , which was a really good combination with some fried onions and cashew as toppings . Slurrp !!

Me being me , wont leave a place without having a dessert ! Like they say no matter how much you eat , “there’s always space for some dessert” . Chocolate makes me super happy . And I ordered for the Toblerone Mousse . I finished the mousse in 15 seconds to be precise .

Finally , my soul and my mind was in peace .

9 thoughts on ““Part Of The Secret To Success In Life Is To Eat What You Like and Let The Food Fight It Out Inside” – A Lunch Date with SodaBottleOpenerwala (Bangalore,India)”

  1. The names are amazing and so is the look of the food…. The setting looks like the place can actually fill my tummy…. The rustic look is appealing… Wanna try out the place wen I head over thr. Just remind me😋


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