Clean out a corner of your mind and Creativity will Instantly fill it – What I did with my Polaroid Photo shots !


One Sunday , while I was cleaning my wardrobe I found two old frames in my closet hidden . The frames were pretty good looking so I thought why not do something creative with it . Plus , I had a lot of Polaroid Photos that I had taken and didn’t know what to do !

An idea transpired in me !

Read on to see how and what I did with them !!

Things you would need 

  • An Old Frame
  • Some Polaroid Photographs or Any kind of square prints
  • A4 size sheets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paints and Sparkles
  • Cello tape


Initially , I took the A4 size sheet and coloured the sheet purple for a background . You can also use a4 size printed sheets or sparkle it for a bling look . The A4 size has to be cut out according to the shape of the frame so its not necessary to colour perfectly at the ends.


After that , I took the back side of the frame to line the margin for the cut out with a cutter or a pencil . I basically used the pencil and with the scissor cut the ends accordingly .



The cut out of the frame is now ready . Since I didn’t want the black frame I choose to colour it yellow for a vibrant look . You can use stickers and shimmery powder for the look but I decided to keep it simple .


I took the photos that I wanted to glue on the sheet that would go in and placed it on the sheet . You can either use a tape or glue to stick it to the sheet .


Tada ! Its ready !! I know it looks a bit untidy but Its al-right for a first attempt to my DIY !! Don’t you feel the same ? You can put it on your desk or hang it on the wall !!


Let me know if you liked the attempt I made on the frame and also comment down below what else I could have done to beautify the photo frame !! Cheers 🙂

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