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A Woman Makes her Outfit With Her Own Accessory – Featuring All.That.Is.Pretty

Namaste !!

“Go Big or Go Home ! Don’t even bother with one necklace , WEAR FIVE”

We have heard this phrase saying ” Style is the only way of speaking without even saying anything” . Very True !

I love the Bohemian Vibe . Also love how they are so free spirited and believe in truth and freedom . When it comes to fashion , the free spirit depicts their attire. The Bohemian look is the hottest look ever .

In my post , I will be sharing my boho accessory collection that I bought from this wonderful Instagram store called All That Is Pretty . To check their collection just click on All That is PrettyNot only do they have boho neck pieces but are also into bags , clutches , clothes , ear rings etc . They basically have a wide range of amazing products to stare at !

Order Booking – Through whatsapp on 7506893211 

Payment Mode – Online Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery

Shipment Time – 10-15 days

I personally , have purchased a lot of boho neckpieces and sunglasses from All That is Pretty .  They all are in the range of 1100 – 1500 INR .

IMG_4473 IMG_4475 IMG_4477


IMG_4478 IMG_4479

If you are following me on Instagram at Anusha.Kayy , you would have already seen how I have styled them !!

Hoping that you love the designs ! If yes Happy Shopping with All That is Pretty !!

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