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“Asbe Bochor Abar Ashbey ” – The Bong Connection – Durga Puja 2015 in Pictures


For others its Dussehra but for the Bengali’s and non Bengali’s who stay in West Bengal , its all about The Durga Pujo ! This Puja Fever grips the heart of every Bengali . From Morning Pushpanjali to The Khichudi and Chorchori in Bhog . From Street Side Amazing Food to All the New Clothes and Fashion . From Nain Sukh Prapti to Meeting New People and Friends around . Its all about the awesomeness of The Durga Pujo !!

IMG_20151027_014057 IMG_20151027_014120 IMG_20151027_014154 IMG_20151027_014211 IMG_20151027_014248 IMG_20151027_014351 IMG_20151027_014418

Durga Puja is celebrated from the 6th to 10th day of the bright lunar fortnight according to the Hindu calendar . This festival marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura . Therefore it epitomes the victory of good over evil.

Its not just a festival , but an extravagant 4 day affair filled with Fun, Laughter ,Food and Entertainment . Its no secret that Bengali’s are foodies . There are few people who go fasting during Navratra , but Bengali’s have time of their lives having Luchi Aloo Dum to Fish Cutlet , From Mutton Biryani to Chicken Chap . Its a Carnival De Bong !

IMG_20151019_223555 IMG_20151020_005510

Coming to Culture , you automatically get connected through the prayers and chants . The goddess just mesmerises every person around her. She is welcomed with Dhol and Dhunuchi Nach .

About The Dhunuchi Nach , its a happy cultural dance for Goddess Durga . The dhunachi has a flared shape and is held by a stem with a large cavity at the top, and is traditionally made of earthenware. When made of brass or silver, it needs a longer handle because of the heat. It is lit by placing burning coal at the bottom, which ignites a layer of slow-burning coconut husk, on which incense is sprinkled.

On the 10th day , comes the “Shidur Khela” , the most beautiful ! Here married woman apply Sindoor to each other’s face , dressed in the traditional Bengali white saree with red border. It marks the farewell of Goddess Durga !

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