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” I Won’t be Impressed With Technology Until I can Download Food ” – Dinner Reservation at Nasi & Mee

I agree to the statement that says “ there is no love more sincere than the love for food “.

Nasi & Mee is an Asian Restaurant situated in the lively road of Koramangala, Bangalore (India) . A cozy little corner canteen that you could never miss out on when you drive through the place . I learnt that its a Malaysian restaurant introducing itself in Bangalore for the food lovers in and around Bangalore.

I would crossed this beautifully lit place almost every week and then decided it was high time to go and discover this new cuisine.

When you enter, the restaurant warms you up to its décor with the lightings , the soothing music and structure . Not a very spacious place .

I was too excited to look through the menu and relish the dishes .


We ordered for :

  • Drinks – Peach Basil Iced tea & Crushed Mint and Lime soda
  • Spicy Sambal Chicken
  • Pan Fried Che Chow ( Dumplings )
  • Malaysian Chicken Satay
  • Mamak Gee Goreng Mixed ( Mee meaning noodles )
  • Beef tenderloin in black bean sauce

IMG_20151007_210157 IMG_20151007_211155 IMG_20151007_211237 IMG_20151007_211436 IMG_20151007_213334 IMG_20151007_215150

The chutneys that they provide with the starters are equally delicious and a must take . I did not quite like the noodles , wasn’t extraordinarily different to the normal pan fried noodles that we get in other Chinese restaurants .

My personal favourite is the Malaysian Chicken Satay and the Pan fried chee chow . It was a perfect mix of spices and sauces .

Service wise they are decent and helpful when it comes to choosing the dishes since for a normal person , its difficult to perceive . The dishes are priced appropriate to the what they serve.

They have various dishes on their menu and would love to savour them as well.

Would surely visit more often to surprise ourselves more with the variety of dishes on their menu .

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