D.I.Y – Pinterest Inspired Wall Photo Frame

Hello !!

Its time to be artistically creative and crafty !! Its the DIY Time !!! Yayy !! Been ages that I did a DIY on my Blog Page.

Pinterest has been a long term friend when it came to fashion , food , travel goals , wallpapers and DIY . Similar to Tumblr but I like the Pinterest interface . They have a wide range of anything and everything that you would want to refer to . I am always scrolling through my pinterest page for nnew wallpapers and DIY ideas.

I had two old frames, Out of which one was used for the Polaroid Photo Grid DIY and now it was time I did something with the other one . I used my polaroid photos and the frame to create a wall frame again but in a different style .

Things you NEED –


  • A Frame
  • Sqaure Size or Polaroid Photo
  • Cellotape
  • Rope or Thread
  • Paper Clips
  • Acrylic Paint


STEP 1 –



I used the Acrylic spray paint to colour the frame . Spray or Paint in the frame in all the corners in the desired colour . I got my acrylic paint from Itsy Bitsy ( Koramangala , Bangalore ) . I love their store , they have craft papers , crochet , paints , brushes etc . Everything related to art and craft !


 STEP 2-



Let the frame dry for a while before you turn it around to fix the rope or the threads behind . Use the cello-tape or strong adhesive to fix the strings across the frame . You can place the strings in various ways .




With help of the paper clips , clip the polaroid photo or customized photos to the strings attached to the frame . And its ready !!! Would not take more than 30 mins . 🙂


The best part about this photo frame is, you can change the pics with the new ones any day easily without any hesitation !! Isn’t that cool !!!




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