A Thing Called Fashion

Shimmer and Shine

Being a fashion blogger is most of the time difficult. Won't say it's a cup of tea! The most strenuous part of being a fashion blogger is sprinting around the city for shoot locations. Not all cafes and restaurants understand the work that we do, hence they don't permit the same. There are times when… Continue reading Shimmer and Shine

My Favourites

5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dust

Dust might not seem to be that big a problem but it actually is very dangerous for your skin. It can be irritating when you go out and ruin your fresh face look in just a couple of minutes. Apart from the short-term disadvantages, dust can even harm your skin in the long run! But,… Continue reading 5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dust

A Thing Called Fashion

Favourite Red Carpet Looks from Oscars 2018

I am extremely late with this post. My apologies for the delay. There are some things that you can't stop following off and on the internet. Red Carpet Looks! I am a person who waits to see who wore what when. Not kidding! Part and parcel of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger maybe or… Continue reading Favourite Red Carpet Looks from Oscars 2018

A Thing Called Fashion

The Gamcha Vibe

There are times when youtube actually helps you with their step by step tutorials. I have watched different types of tutorial on "how to wear a saree" but I still find it difficult to drape it effortlessly like most of you. I started buying and collecting sarees recently but otherwise, I would always stay away… Continue reading The Gamcha Vibe