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4 Sensuous Ways To Wear A Red Saree With Style

Red is a color that stands for fertility, prosperity, love, and passion. Because of this, Indian brides like starting a new chapter of their lives while dressed in the auspicious shades of this sacred color. Brides, including contemporary brides, tend to highlight sarees as the pinnacle of tradition at their wedding. Red wedding sarees are… Continue reading 4 Sensuous Ways To Wear A Red Saree With Style

A Thing Called Fashion

Top Indian Clothing Brands for Women

We are currently drowned in the sea of million fashion and lifestyle Indian brands for men, women and kids, because of which it becomes challenging to be loyal and trust the brand. We as consumers are much more aware of trends or top clothing brands for woman, and that is also the reason, we have… Continue reading Top Indian Clothing Brands for Women

A Thing Called Fashion

Shimmer and Shine

Being a fashion blogger is most of the time difficult. Won't say it's a cup of tea! The most strenuous part of being a fashion blogger is sprinting around the city for shoot locations. Not all cafes and restaurants understand the work that we do, hence they don't permit the same. There are times when… Continue reading Shimmer and Shine

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5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dust

Dust might not seem to be that big a problem but it actually is very dangerous for your skin. It can be irritating when you go out and ruin your fresh face look in just a couple of minutes. Apart from the short-term disadvantages, dust can even harm your skin in the long run! But,… Continue reading 5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dust

A Thing Called Fashion

Favourite Red Carpet Looks from Oscars 2018

I am extremely late with this post. My apologies for the delay. There are some things that you can't stop following off and on the internet. Red Carpet Looks! I am a person who waits to see who wore what when. Not kidding! Part and parcel of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger maybe or… Continue reading Favourite Red Carpet Looks from Oscars 2018

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The Gamcha Vibe

There are times when youtube actually helps you with their step by step tutorials. I have watched different types of tutorial on "how to wear a saree" but I still find it difficult to drape it effortlessly like most of you. I started buying and collecting sarees recently but otherwise, I would always stay away… Continue reading The Gamcha Vibe

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The Shoe Love

Blaming it on the new year for all the delay in my blog posts. This particular post was supposed to go up last month but due to some personal reasons, I couldn't work on it as per the scheduled time. There are times when you just walk into Zara to window shop and also memorise… Continue reading The Shoe Love

A Thing Called Fashion

Into The Woods

There are times when you are all dressed up and the only thing you need is a good camera to show the outfit to your virtual friends via social media portals. Well, this was one of those days when I and Shivani Boruah of TheVelvetRadio decided to do this shoot for each other. Now the… Continue reading Into The Woods

A Thing Called Fashion

Zoutons launches Coupon App for Shopaholic

  This is the new era of internet and it is absolutely right to say that our lives have changed by it. From ease in policies to a plethora of options in just one go, online shopping has been nothing less than a prerequisite. The number of deals, offers, discounts one can avail with their… Continue reading Zoutons launches Coupon App for Shopaholic

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Winter Love

I am a month late with this "Winter Love" post. Call me lazy but I decided to start my new year from February rather than January. There are still few cities that are either snow-clad or chilly, so this post is dedicated to people living in moderately cold cities. I love hats and ugly sweaters.… Continue reading Winter Love