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Best Ways to Change Up Fall Makeup Routine

Now that the summer is over and fall is here, it’s a time of changes. Not only are things changing with the clothing you wear and with things you eat and drink, but you might also want to change your makeup routine. Many women don’t realize it, but switching things up with your makeup with the change of the season is a great way to show off your creativity and that you are in sync with the fall. Here are great ways to change your fall makeup routine.

Eliminate Shimmering Bronzer

Shimmering bronzers are more of a spring and summer thing, so one of the first things you should do is eliminate the shimmering ones from your daily cosmetics. Choose hues that are matte instead for a softer, cleaner look. You should also apply your bronzer in a few specific areas on your face that you wish to highlight, instead of all over like many tend to do. Remember, less is more. With that in mind, use your matte bronzer in limited amounts.




Lime Crime Lip Color

Find great new lipsticks to complement your fall look. Lime Crime has a number of gorgeous options, some shimmering and some matte. The Perlees Matte Collection is stunning and offers a number of fall friendly colors, which are traditionally darker, such as asphalt, gemma, penny and beetle. There are even unusual colors like denim, which, you guessed it, is blue. However, Lime Crime’s newest lipstick line, Heavy Metals, has one of the best fall shades in its Lana, a shimmery bronze lipstick. These cosmetics range in price from $18 to $20 and will keep your lips looking and feeling great for the fall.




Smoky Eyes

Try the smoky eye look for the fall. It makes a statement and looks great. To achieve the smoky eye look, choose a dark eyeshadow to go in your outer corner of your lid or or directly over the lid, surrounded by lighter shades. Add a dark eyeliner in colors such as black, brown, dark gray or navy, and use a smudge stick to smudge them. Add black or dark brown mascara to complete the look. It will really make your eyes pop.



Use Primer

As the weather grows steadily cooler with the onset of fall, you will want to ensure that your makeup stays intact all day long. This means you should use a good primer. It will serve as a foundation for your overall fall makeup look and keep your skin well moisturised at the same time, which is important as the weather transitions.

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2 thoughts on “Best Ways to Change Up Fall Makeup Routine”

  1. Love the tips! Eliminating shimmering bronzers is my favorite and I can’t help but agree on that. I think for fall/winter it is ‘matte over shimmer’ without a doubt! Even when it comes to lipsticks and eye shadows. 🙂

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