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Meraki Spa & Boutique

Are you in desperate need of some pampering ?

I already know what the answer would be. Nobody refuses a spa or a pampering session. Of-course I didn’t  think twice when I got a call from Meraki Spa & Boutique . I couldn’t wait for the scheduled day any longer. After a long day of work all you need is some unwinding. Spa-goers in Bangalore, did you know there was a new place in town to laze ! It’s the Meraki Spa & Boutique. Well all I can say is, I felt like a kid who just entered Disneyland. Thrilled and delighted.

At Meraki Spa & Boutique, the experience is organised in a way that it would touch your soul and relieve the mind and body – True. It’s known as the best luxury spa in Bangalore offering the best quality of body treatments with steam  bath, body massages, body scrubs. They use their handcrafted products at Meraki Spa & Boutique. There is a relaxation space where you can just lie back, have some tea, read a book and feel enchanted. From Aroma Therapy Massage, Swedish Massage to area focused treatment, they have it all. This luxury spa is situated in a tranquil lane off St. Marks road away from all the hustle bustle.

I entered the building to go to Meraki Spa & Boutique and was mesmerised by the entrance. The entire decor and interior reminded me of Greece. The organic fragrance in that place gives an exotic feel to it. I was offered a wet hand towel with juice to cleanse myself. The wet hand towel is also called Oshibori. Cold Oshibori is used in summer and hot Oshibori during winter. It’s a common sight in China and Japan.

Met Mr. Debanjan – Founder of Meraki Spa & Boutique. He introduced me to all the services that Meraki provides and spoke about Meraki Spa and Boutique in depth.

Later, I decided to go for a deep tissue massage. The strokes are slower and the pressure is deeper. It soothes your body and concentrates on all the areas of pain to reach the sub layer of muscles. It was 2 hours in heaven. When I entered the room, my therapist asked me to sit down so that she could clean my feet before we started. The deep tissue massage was everything that I wanted after all the riding in the city. It went on for 60 mins. After the massage, she asked me to head to the steam room. This was my very first time  in a steam room. Post steam, I enjoyed a quick shower with their in house personal care products.

After the entire stint, I was asked to sit upstairs in their relaxation space where they served me a cup of green tea. It was a “Alice in Wonderland” moment !

I was smitten by the entire procedure and surely can’t wait to experience their other massages. This was by far the most amazing and poised affair ever, until I stepped out and looked at the traffic. I so wished I could run back and stay in peace.

Thank you Meraki Spa & Boutique for this wonderful experience.








Image source – www.merakispa.in

Meraki Spa & Boutique

Address: 8, Papanna Street, Off St. Marks Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Phone: 076196 13118
Cost – Rs. 2500 onwards
Cheers !!

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