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Don’t Wrinkle – Wear Sunscreen – Lotus Herbals Safe Sun

Love the sun ? But also scared about the after effects !!

Went to a beach for the holidays and back with a tan ?? No worries – I have just the right product to get you out of that drama and head back to work.

It’s always easy to act completely in a reckless manner and run into that warm glow sans sunscreen. But being careful in the sun, is not just from a healthy skin perspective, also helps your skin look young and fresh ! I kinda know all the before and after effects of sunscreen ! Lol !! Thanks to sunscreen and other anti-tan products, you can always have a pleasant time relaxing in the verandah while you protect your skin. Sunscreen is an absolute necessity even during winters. Not just that, shade the right colours for that perfect summer vibe ! Remember common sense is your best weapon against sun damage.

“Sun protection doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive — it needs to be consistent…” -Hillary Fogelson

Have you ever stood in the beauty aisle, staring at a giant wall of products that all claim to protect your skin? Happens all the time and everything there wins your trust when it comes to the product’s description. It’s easy to feel like you should try them all. From personal experience, I have used 80% of the products ! Therefore here I am with Lotus Herbals Anti-Tan scrub !! I trust this product !

ABOUT LOTUS ANTI-TAN SCRUB – Safe Sun Absolute Anti-Tan Scrub Not Only Gives You The Wonderful Exfoliating Properties Of Strawberry Seeds & Walnut Shells, But Also Has Turmeric That Helps Make The Skin Lighter.

I use sunscreen all the time and more importantly the Lotus Anti-Tan Scrub after I am back from work. It has a minty effect when you apply the same which makes your skin feel fresh and cold. This is a scrub that will reduce the darkness caused and also brightens the skin. This anti tan scrub protects the skin from UV rays and gently removes the tanning. This is formulated using strawberry seeds and walnut shells like I mentioned earlier. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti Tan Scrub for 100g costs 265 Rs. Use it everyday for best results.

Work life has always made us run around the city especially when it comes to people who ride a two wheeler like me. In-spite of protecting my face from UV rays, I always get tanned so why not use something additional and get rid of the same. Who doesn’t want a fresh glowing skin right !

Since it worked on me, I thought why not share my experience with you. Hope this post helps you have a fresh glowing skin everyday !

If you have any more questions on the same, please feel free to share the same in the comment box down below !



Cheers !!

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