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When Dhoti Meets Grunge !

We all know that cultures and garments that they wear are nation’s way of life! Even industry, occupation, marital conditions have different attires, even religious individuals. Despite all the cultural notes and conventions, now we have a mixed bag of conventional outfits in our country from ethnic, western to indo-western.

One of this conventional outfit is The Dhoti! I did a bit of research on Dhoti since I was working on this particular outfit. Thanks to Google baba my source who educated me with the history behind it. The word Dhoti came from Sanksrit i.e. Dhauta. Dhotis are 5 yards and are worn around the waist covering the base of the legs. It is a perfect outfit suitable for summers and humid climatic conditions. The youth didn’t like the outfit then as it was outdated. And look at how the dhoti is trending these days in most of the fashion shows, wedding, casual wear etc.

The best part about owning a dhoti pant is that you can mix and match it with anything and everything in your wardrobe. It started when Kareena Kapoor Khan, who wore Patiala Salwar and rocked the movie Jab We Met with a long white T-Shirt. Everyone went ga-ga!! I am sure you did too. It had set a paradigm for the biggest fashion trend ever. The Bollywood industry and the fashion industry created ripples in dhoti pants in no time. The new style statement for men and women. Like I mentioned earlier, these pants have also breached international fashion ramps. The best part being, the dhoti pants works with any body type.

How can I forget the movie Rockstar with Ranbir Kapoor as a rugged rock-star! The film shows the star in dhoti pants, T-shirt and grunge military jackets making an impressive style statement. That look surely was capable of hitting the big league. It’s now a big hit !! My college life was full of patiala, harem pants and asymmetrical pants. I had all of them and you could style it however you wanted. Fancy right! It’s never about a brand, it’s always about the style. Fashion can be bought, style is what you possess. The style is knowing who you are and what you want to say!

I styled my Dhoti Pants with a black top and a black faux leather jacket. I wanted to go a little of ground with my style!  So yeah here I am with “When Dhoti Meets Grunge” !! A very basic and jagged style! This casual yet rugged look has always been my favourite when it comes to Dhoti Pants. If I had a choice, you would see me in Dhoti Pants everywhere and anywhere. Oh ! by the way, this dhoti is ready made. I didn’t have to go through the entire process of wrapping it around my waist like how they usually do.

Dhoti Pants – Tailor Made

Top – Forever21

Jacket – StalkBuyLove

Kolhapuri – Kolhapuri Centre(Hyderabad)

Photography – Pixel Photography

16-11-06-18-40-54-914_deco17-01-10-20-36-51-004_decoProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO with x1 presetanusha2anusha7anusha8

Cheers !! 🙂 Hope you loved it ! Let me know what you feel about this style in the comment box down below ! Also what would you style your dhoti pants with !! 🙂

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