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DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer – Bring Out That Beautiful You !

I am easily attracted to anything mauve and bare shades. From nude lip colour to mauve nail polish, here I am with Debelle Gel Nail Lacquer today. I received the shade Majestic Mauve from Debelle. The moment I saw the colour, I was delighted and couldn’t wait to apply.

Before I begin, let me introduce you to this brand called DeBelle. DeBelle is a cosmetic company driven by customers. They started off initially with skin care products with a unique formula and established themselves in the range of natural based cosmetics. Debelle stands for “Beautiful” in french and therefore their motto is “Bring out The Beautiful You”. This is the sole purpose of designing this brand DeBelle. They say “we believe beauty begins from within, so when you feel good, you look good, however, to look better, you have got to invest in good personal care products which will give you long term results. Now, That’s exactly what a DeBelle product delivers to you!”

DeBelle has products like –

  • Debelle Talc Powder
  • DeBelle Mosturizing Lotion
  • DeBelle Revitalizing Hair Oil
  • Debelle Nail Poilish
  • DeBelle Dandruff Shampoo

You can shop their product from DeBelle website itself.

Coming back to the nail polish. I must tell you, that I never apply nail polish to my fingers but always to my feet. Therefore I will be trying the DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer to my feet. I went for a pedicure and decided to take this shade along with me to the parlor. The Debelle Gel Nail Lacquer have an instant dry formula which is the best. Earlier whenever I applied the nail color, I would totally forget about it and run to wear my Kolhapuris to head somewhere which results to a mess. Thank god for the instant dry formula this time I was safe.

The Majestic Mauve makes my leg look brighter and pleasing. Matches to anything and everything. It is composed of seaweed extract which helps in promoting nail growth and also lets your nail breathe. Isn’t that interesting! Post the application of the color, I realized the color is much more intense to what I had expected. That might also depend on respective individual’s skin tone.

I personally loved the color the moment I received it. The gel nail lacquer costs Rs. 295 and they have different colors too in them. You should check out their website for color options. The consistency of the nail enamel looks great to me so far.

Have you ever purchased mauve shade before or any other product from DeBelle ? What is your favorite color? Share with me your experiences in the comment down below.

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Cheers 🙂

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