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Soap Your Troubles Away – feat. Izza Bath Boutique

Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants. They say handmade soap is the new black.

Introducing Izza Bath Boutique from Bangalore. At Izza they make a variety of handmade soap to suit different skin types. All their soaps are made from scratch with edible oil and butter. All the colouring they use to make the handmade soaps are either natural or cosmetic (which are specially made for soaps). These handmade soaps are best for gifting for wedding, birthdays, corporate etc. Gifting this Christmas and New Year just made easy for you by Izza Bath Boutique.


Their soaps are classified into two types – Ornamental & Cold Pressed soaps. Ornamental soaps can also be called guest soaps to handmade soaps. They not only look beautiful but also smell divine. These soaps add a touch of enchantment to the washroom or a powder room. They are amusing and eye catchy for a hand wash soap. Below are the ornamental soaps.


The cold pressed soaps are handmade soaps made for face and body. They are crafted using Izza Bath Boutique’s secret recipes keeping in mind different skin type. These are all natural and 100% chemical free soaps. Using the cold process to make soap gives them an added advantage over any regular bar – cold process bars not only retain the properties of all the oils, butter and the additives but are also rich in naturally produced glycerin, making them perfect for your skin! These soaps are made in small batches with utmost care, letting the soap bars to cure naturally. Izza Bath Boutique say it is an ancient process that has been used by soapmakers for centuries. Contrast this with the commercially produced soaps that are filled with chemicals and innumerable toxins that you definitely don’t want on your skin! Since cold process soap making technique is a natural process it takes close to 4-6 weeks to cure, after which your soap will be ready to use. Wonderful !

I used these handmade soaps for a brief time and it broke my heart to use the handmade soap since they look so alluring. The best part about them is it lathers giving you the satisfaction of a soap and has a creamy texture. Post the wash, the fragrance of the handmade soap stays which is prepossessing. If you are like me and sceptical about seriously using it as a soap and not as a show piece *wink* *wink* then make sure you cut a piece of the handmade soap and use it. In that way, the soap lives for a long time and also make sure that it is placed in a dry place. There are no chemicals added remember that.

My favourite is the pink cold pressed handmade soap. The fragrance of this handmade soap is godly.

Hope you like this post !! So what are you waiting for ??

To place an order with Izza Bath Boutique , head to their facebook page. They are a Bangalore-based boutique. Prices on request. Please contact them for more details.

Cheers !!

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