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It’s Tyffyn Time Again Feat. Vaya Tyffyn

Remember the time when I wrote a post on Vaya Tyffyn box. I had reviewed the 1000ml Vaya Tyffyn, a three container version on my post last year but this time it’s about the 600ml Vaya tyffyn. The 1000ml Vaya tyffyn is not handy and portable to carry compared to the 600ml tyffyn . Also if you eat less or want to carry less, it just feels weird to have an empty box in your lunch box. Therefore, Vaya recently launched a smaller version of the same 1000ml tyffyn for school, college and work.

Home cooked food is always the best. I am just a lazy person who just can’t wake up early in the morning to cook and pack my lunch box for work. But the Vaya tyffyn is inspirational and motivates you to carry your lunch box for a change. Not only is it smart but also functional. I wish I was in school to show off my premium lunch box. You know what I mean!!

Nothing much has changed except for the size. The 600ml tyffyn is a two case, vacuüm insulated lunch box. The tyffyn box keeps the food warm for atleast 4-5 hours. The 600ml tyffyn has thinner containers compared to the 1000ml tyffyn box. Just like the earlier one, the 600ml tyffyn box has a stainless body and has leak-proof double shot lids with compartments for easy separation. Isn’t that wonderful !! When I was in school, aloo paranthas and pickle would always create a mess in my lunch box. The entire parantha would taste less like aloo parantha but pickle aloo parantha. We did not have an option then and I always detested to carry to separate boxes in my bag, which would just increase the burden. Ah! good old days !! Coming back to the 600ml Vaya tyffyn, it comes with a bag that conveniently unfolds into a table mat. They come in Maple, Graphite and Wool.

Product Specifications

Height: 13 cms
Minor diameter: 11.5 cms
Major diameter: 16 cms
Volume: 600 ml

Tyffyn outer shell: Stainless Steel with internal copper lining
Tyffyn inner container: Copper finished stainless steel
Lid Base, lids and handle: FDA approved BPA-free plastic
Packaging: Cardboard

Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping: Within 6 Hours
Delivery: Within 5 to 7 days of shipping
Delivery only in India

In the box of Vaya Tyffyn, you would receive the outer cover with a handle, tyffyn base with latch, two units of containers of 300ml capacity, two unit partitions for the same, one unit bagmat and bagmat sling. The bagmat is a launch offer so hurry up and buy the 600ml tyffyn box now to receive the bagmat without any extra charges. Otherwise, the bagmat costs Rs.690, which you could buy separately according to the variation you choose for your tyffyn.



I decided to carry Vaya 600ml tyffyn for my short trip to Hyderabad and filled it with some sandwiches and puffs for the journey. Thank god for the partition I could pour in some ketchup for the sandwiches without any chaos. The partition does not let the other compartment food to leak out from one corner to another. The size of the tyffyn box is not only adorable but convenient. The 600ml Vaya Tyffyn is a perfect combination of transformation and trend. For all of you who carry a lunch box to school, work, college or travel, hurry up and get your hands on Vaya Tyffyn now.


Let me know about your thoughts on the Vaya Tyffyn.

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Cheers !

2 thoughts on “It’s Tyffyn Time Again Feat. Vaya Tyffyn”

  1. Anusha, this box is really looking very convenient to carry and pack all the food systematically. I am also fond of home cooked food and with kids travelling along, I prefer taking some food along with me. Thanks for introducing this product. I will surely buy one for me.


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