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It’s Tyffyn Time – Featuring Vaya’s Luxury Tiffin Box

There was no thinking twice when Vaya India invited me to the launch of their premium tyffyn box. The tagline itself was intriguing. The VayaIndia’s Premium Tyffyn Box Launch was held in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. I got to meet a lot of other bloggers from Bangalore. Vaya India was the only thing that was running in my head since it was all in suspense. The only thing we knew was Vaya and Tyffyn Box! Wondered what a premium Tiffin box would look like or feel like. Interesting it was!

The whole hall was filled with food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, food critics etc. I couldn’t wait more to know what it was all about. When I entered, I was asked few questions on my “Tiffin days”. They asked me what came to my find when they said, Tiffin. My school days were the only Tiffin Days I had since college was a hostel life. In school, we would always wait for the lunch break, and see what everyone got from home. Would make a group and share food. Maggie and sandwiches were my all time favourite and still is. The one that my mother still makes. One of a kind ;)! When we were kids we never bothered about the food being cold, since we would anyways gulp it down and finish anything and everything like a scavenger. The other question that I was asked at the event was, what do I feel about Tiffin box. I personally feel getting food from home and eating at workplace has a lot of advantages. Not only is it healthy but also satisfying. These days staying away from home for people like me is difficult. Difficult because I never eat on time and sometimes forget to eat.  Maybe this beautiful Vaya Tyffyn Box would change my mind and lure me to carry my own Tiffin Box regularly. You never know!

The inaugural event had just begun and the strategy applied to unveil the brand, the product was out of the box. Very Impressive!! There was a dance that led to an introduction of the brand and the products that they have launched.  An evening full of laughter with Mr. Karthik Kumar – a stand-up comedian was impeccable. With a glass of wine and beautiful people around you, what more could you have asked for!

The garma garam launch event was finally taken over by The CEO of Vaya India – Mr. Vashisht Vasanthakumar. He walked to the stage with a fancy sling bag. I wondered what that was, looked more like a mini laptop bag. To my surprise, it was the fancy premium Tyffyn Box from Vaya India. Portable, Handy and Stylish!! This TYffyn Box came in three variants – Graphite, Maple and Wool pattern. These Tyffyn Boxes are vacuum insulated, which keeps the food warm. They are made of steel and the base with copper.  The containers have a plastic leak proof double shot lid.


This box packaging comes with the sling and the bag to carry it in. The fanciest thing about the sling bag is, it transforms into a table mat, and the table mat also has a pocket to keep your spoon, knife and fork.

I have already used the Tyffyn Box and have been getting a lot of appreciation with regard to smart strategy applied in the product.  People asked me if it could be microwaved. If the food is hot enough you don’t even have to microwave it. The whole point of having The Tyffyn Box is so that you don’t have to eat cold food or warm it later.


This premium Tyffyn Box is priced at 2500Rs on their website Vaya India. You can buy yours from their website.

Quoting Vaya – “There’s no food like home food – the good old ghar ka khana. Snuggled in them are the warmth of our moms, wives, didis, daadis, naanis, maamis or paaties. Home food is hygienic, healthy, and made just the way we like it. Enjoy the same good garma garm ghar ka khana that we relish at home wherever you go using Vaya Tyffyn.”


What are you waiting for ! Go get yours asap !! 🙂

12 thoughts on “It’s Tyffyn Time – Featuring Vaya’s Luxury Tiffin Box”

    1. The entire details are mentioned on their website that’s in my blog post. Plus about how long the food stays hot – I can tell you with my tyffyn experience that, have been using it daily and till my lunch break that is after 5 hours of the food prep, it still was warm.


  1. Just wanted to know whether the lid is plastic… because now a days getting advices to avoid plastic…. Please clear the doubt…


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