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Go Solo Feat. Twach Store

I believe that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life. We travel everyday in life, some for work, some out of the city, some of us travel to meet someone, to discover a new place or a restaurant etc. Yes ! We do travel in someway or the other. Travelling solo can be fun too. Have you ever thought about it? It brings you closer to yourself.

Solo travelling is one of the most liberating experience and while you are at it, you’re only companion is your backpack. You walk and talk with your backpack everywhere you go. Making decisions is never easy. Whether on which college to join or which new place to discover. It’s always a tough road to take. But choosing a backpack for your journey is always easy. It’s always easier to carry a backpack compared to a handbag. Your hands are free and you don’t need to foraging with your bag. Like I said, your backpack is your companion, it goes everywhere you go. From rushing out of the door for work, or running to the airport for a trip, or going out for a coffee, you need to have your essentials always with you. Here, got you sorted with Twach fashion accessories and bags for men and women.

This backpack from Twach is everything that I need. The Twach canvas bronzer backpack is light and convenient for all your essentials needs to fit in. Leaving alone the basics, your wallet and phone, there is space for a book, a pouch for your make up or utilities, an iPad, chargers etc. This bag is a mix of tan leather and canvas. These bright red and blue stripes will surely stimulate your day and also make it easier for you to carry your essentials in a stylish way.

This Twach bronzer backpack has one main compartment with a small zip pocket. This spacious bag can be fun to use daily and also gives an adventurous vibe when you are travelling. I love how the tassels on the rim of the canvas gives a feminine touch to the bag. For me, my bag is literally my world. You will find weird things in my bag that might be useful someday. From miniature perfumes ( have 2-3 different fragrances) to medicines, always prepared. And this bag fit my world !

Check out more on their website Twach Store.

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Don’t forget to have a look at their store for bags and accessories – Twach Store.

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