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The Notebook featuring Woodgeek

Since my childhood, I was fascinated by stationary products. Pen-pencils, pencil boxes and notebooks were one of them. My dream was to own a stationary shop. Though in school we weren’t allowed to have fancy notebooks so I always dreamt of going to college with those fancy notebooks. I had fancy pencil box pouches with different type pens and pencils. I made sure, the moment I joined college, I had all the fancy notebooks with colorful sections in my bag.

My dad had a fountain pen from his college days that was gifted to him. I am sure he still has it because he did proudly show off. He used to carry a briefcase to work, which had all his fancy pens safe. One of them was a 40year old fountain pen that he would rarely use but carry it with him because it brought him “the joy of success”. That fountain pen had his name inscribed on it. When I was a kid, I found etching of your name on something magical and always wanted to have one with my name. The feeling of something inscribed with your name automatically makes you feel as if it belongs to you emotionally. This might sound funny to you, but I also love how Starbucks writes down your name on the coffee cup.

For all those people who love wood and personalized products, introducing Woodgeek to you. A place where timber is fabricated into cool things. Wood and stationary are two of my favorite things. Finally, the day was here, when I own my blog name inscribed bamboo notebook from Woodgeek. I sent them my cover picture and blog details for the same to be printed on the diary. They sent me a draft copy of the bamboo notebook for me to approve so that it could be shipped. Woodgeek has a vast collection of products ranging from sunglasses, notebooks, phone cases etc. The best part about this is everything on their website can be customized. Personalized gift always pleases your loved ones or whomever you gift it to. All the products are made out of natural material which is also eco-friendly. Woodgeek’s framed glasses was recently showcased at Lakme Fashion Week. Their passion for wood has made them create amazing stuff out of wood.

The packaging of Woodgeek products is impeccable. I received my personalized bamboo notebook in a jute pouch that reminded me of Calcutta. This jute pouch was again placed in a Woodgeek branded black box. The surprising factor was the pen that my bamboo notebook came with. Finally, I have my very own blog name engraved on my notebook and the pen. Can’t wait to scribble all my blog related notes on my personalized notebook from Woodgeek.


Photography – Kslenscapes














You can customize your notebook for yourself or gift someone and make them feel special!

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Cheers !

10 thoughts on “The Notebook featuring Woodgeek”

  1. Such a cute notebook! I also had a thing for the personalized works for many years, but it sounds ‘girly’ now 🙂

    Being Eco-friendly makes their products even more appealing.


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