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Men’s Fashion Trend from 2017 – Western Wear Edit

When we look at life like a ramp, we are all trendsetters in some way or the other. Off late men’s wear has created a stir in the fashion industry in a huge way. Gone were the days when only women scrolled the internet for unique fashion ideas. From celebrities to bloggers, men’s wear has been rolling in with some trendy style to follow.

The first thing you see in a guy are their shoes and then the outfit (correct me if I am wrong). Even a simple white shirt and jeans can do all the magic. No kidding! But I am not going to talk about “How to look smart”. Here to talk about the rush in men’s wear – from formal to casual wear. All of us are chasing the wind of fashion!

The major game changer last year was the formal look which was explored to another level. Indian men fashion bloggers on Instagram have time and again stressed on the formal collision with casual outfits and how. Everyone who loves fashion are not running away from not so friendly prints and colors. I feel printed formals, casuals blended with wide range of pastel colors, turtle neck shirt with a blazer should continue. Turtle neck with blazer was introduced by Ranbir Kapoor and he nailed it effortlessly. Sneakers have also been taking over the fashion market from pairing them with Saree and formal suits. The best nawabi look has to be our very own original Taimur Ali Khan when it comes to kids. A well dressed man is always more attractive than a shirtless man with six pack. Let me help you out with what to keep.

What not to ditch from your wardrobe to nail the fashion trends this year –

  • Turtle Neck Shirt
  • Jogger Pants
  • Scarfs
  • Tan Sling Bag
  • Formal Blazer
  • Sports wear
  • Pastel Colors

“Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace








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12 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Trend from 2017 – Western Wear Edit”

  1. Shahid looks fantastic in any outfit. Great work, by the way. I have also been thinking about writing down something for this summer season. Though I just have started out,
    visit my profile to fine the exact way to style a man’s beard.


  2. Great information with the wonderful collections of fashion for men. Who says there are no varieties for men. I see it all over. Thank you for sharing. It was great to go through.


  3. Incredible data with the superb accumulations of style for men. Who says there are no assortments for men. I see it everywhere. Much obliged to you for sharing. It was extraordinary to experience.


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