A Thing Called Fashion

Bindi Girl

“What’s that dot?” – You ask!

I was once told that bindis are graceful embellishment worn by women throughout Asia during the ancient times. The bindi that’s placed in between two eyebrows symbolizes the seat of power, control, and wisdom. We are in the 21st century and are still fighting for empowerment and equality. Whereas we have forgotten that charity begins at home. Instead of fighting with the society, we should fight it out with ourselves because it’s you who is going to bring that change and the cause you fight for will only be understood if you have changed the way you want the society to look like. I have met in numerous amount of people who talk powerfully about feminism but then the moment they go back home, it’s the same cat and dog game that they play (which is exactly the opposite of feminism).

What is feminism? – The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

My advice to all the fake feminists? Be a feminist only if you think is right and not because you think it sounds cool. It’s ok if you are not feminist, at least you aren’t a fake one. Read articles and understand the actual meaning. Similarly, this is also for all those new bloggers who don’t understand the meaning of “blogging” because it’s all about styling and not about just wearing random clothes and posing. Reading articles is always the best way to educate yourself.

Apologies for taking the feminist detour from the style post. Coming back to it. I don’t understand why we should restrict these Indian/Asian adornments to only Indian attire. I am in love with these traditional round bindis and if asked, I would wear it with every outfit. These days modern bindis come in all shapes and various colors. In this post, I styled my red off-shoulder top with black palazzos. I decided to keep it simple bu just accessorizing the outfit with a pair of earrings and a big black bindi!

Would you wear a bindi with a western outfit?


Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top – StalkBuyLove

Palazzos – Splash India

Heels – Gifted


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset














Hope you liked the post!

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