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The Gamcha Vibe

There are times when youtube actually helps you with their step by step tutorials. I have watched different types of tutorial on “how to wear a saree” but I still find it difficult to drape it effortlessly like most of you.

I started buying and collecting sarees recently but otherwise, I would always stay away from it. Little did I know that I would fall in love with this Indian attire. This six yards of awesomeness does wonders. You can style it differently according to any occasion. I would initially restrict myself and wear sarees only for weddings or if asked to. All thanks to me for not knowing how to drape one, I surfed the internet and discovered different and easy ways to drape a saree. If you have been following me since the beginning of The Small Town Blogger, you would have seen various styles on my feed and the blog. I have tried four different ways on the blog so far.

This gamcha saree was one of the sarees I got myself for Durga Puja last year. I found the gamcha print very imposing and unique. This particular handloom is soft and unruly but easy to drape, unlike other sarees.

Here, I tried to style this vibrant orange gamcha saree with a plain white label life blouse that I have worn earlier in one of my blog posts. You would have realised by now that I can’t drape a saree the traditional way. Therefore, I decided to give this soft cotton gamcha saree a lazy vibe by draping it the way I did. I think it makes a perfect day-out outfit on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon. And the orange tinted pair of sunglasses matched perfectly with the outfit, giving it a “dum maro dum” feel.

What do you think?

Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Saree – Gifted

White Blouse – The Label Life

Sunglasses – Forever21

Heels – Westside
















Hope you liked the post!

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6 thoughts on “The Gamcha Vibe”

  1. Even I hv fallen in love with this six yard thing, especially watching gorgeous ladies n gals wearing it on Pujo days. N i also feel that we should break away the older draping styles n look fr some newer ones. Really liked ur blog post n i hv similar saree same color even , which i m gonna try draping like dat.


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