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5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dust

Dust might not seem to be that big a problem but it actually is very dangerous for your skin. It can be irritating when you go out and ruin your fresh face look in just a couple of minutes. Apart from the short-term disadvantages, dust can even harm your skin in the long run! But, you can protect your skin with the help by opting for the following ways as provided in the blog post. Check them out and keep your skin healthy.

#1 Use a scarf to cover your skin

Using scarf on your skin is the first protection that you can have to avoid all the dust particles to reach your skin directly. You can cover your skin with a regular scarf or a dupatta. One must always carry a scarf with themselves so as to be ready for any situation where one has to go outside. The most appropriate option for a scarf is cotton or a cotton blend material as it does not slip away and for the dust to reach your skin.

To protect yourself you can either keep a scarf in your bag all the time, which comes handy at all the time. Apart from that, you can carry a scarf with your dress and tie it while going out on your face.

#2 Appropriate sunscreens for safety from the sun

Sunscreens do a lot more wonders than you think of. With sunscreens, you protect your skin’s outermost layer with UV rays and dusts too. Sunscreens allow providing a screen on your skin which when washed removes all the dirt and pollution too. Normally sunscreens contain oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate in it which shield up the skin from any harmful products.

To protect yourself from dust and pollution you should buy sunscreen of Lotus, Lakme or Ayur that provide the best protection. Order these sunscreens with the help of nykaa coupons from the online portals to avail up to 30% discount on your orders. Guess that’s what others call, ‘Safety under the budget’.

#3 Keep it clean

The easiest and the most workable remedy to protect skin from dust is to keep your skin clean. Once you come back home you can wash your face off and clean it with a good cleanser before the dust enters into your pores. Not just dust but cleaning your skin will protect it from all kinds of dirt, tanning and other kinds of germs that can enter into the skin by anyway. To keep your skin clean is all you need to protect your skin from dust. To keep your skin clean you must have certain products at your home like- a good face wash, cleanser, toner, face scrub and a peel-off face pack.

#4 Consume Vitamin C

Dust settles in the pores of the skin and until and unless your skin becomes healthy from inside you will not be able to combat the permanent dust settlement on your skin. Vitamin C helps in rejuvenating skin, treats UV rays and keeps the skin healthy.

To include Vitamin C in your diet you do not have to rely on tablets but can include them in a natural way by adding vitamin C rich foods. Some of vitamin C rich foods are – guava, red pepper, orange, strawberries, kiwi, and blackcurrant.

#5 Moisturize it right

Do you know that moisturizing your skin plays a very important role in keeping the skin clean and dust free? Dry skin can be very harmful to the skin and cleansing also requires right moisture to keep up with all the dirt.

A well-moisturized skin is healthy and keeps it from wrinkling or aging early. The best moisturizing products include- good moisturizing lotion, night cream, exfoliator and essential oils. The best way to moisturize skin is to wash and clean the face and then moisturize the skin with the products mentioned especially at night.

Final Thoughts

Dust can be a very big issue in a country like India but if handled with smart care it gets easier to handle. Once you take proper care and use all the products that are mentioned in the blog you will be able to protect your skin from the dust in the correct way. So do not go out in the open without taking proper care of your skin.


Hope you liked the post!

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