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Denim Free Summer Outfit

It’s that time of the year when you pack your jeans and warm clothes inside and bring those flowy lightweight dresses, pants, and skirts out. There are a lot of people who love wearing jeans every day, but I would rather prefer wearing cotton pants on a hot humid day than something that sticks to my skin. An alternative to jeans are loose weight pants like palazzos, high waist cotton pants, culottes, basically all sorts of summery lightweight pants. Brands like Stalkbuylove, Ajio, Vajor have such amazing cotton pants that will make you throw away those jeans.

I was desperately looking for high-waist cotton pants to pair it up with crop tops that have been lying in my wardrobe since ages. High-waist pant is a perfect fit for my body type and structure. Thankfully, stalkbuylove has some amazing pants for the summer and had to add it to my cart. Since then, I have been eating and sleeping in these pants because they are surprisingly very comfortable.

Crop tops are perfect for summer and all this while whenever I would wear one, I would add a shrug for my own weird reason. Now that I have my favorite summer pants, I can go cray cray pairing it up with my abandoned (not anymore) crop tops. For obvious reasons, earlier I was not really confident with crop tops and now I don’t really care much. I noticed this particular crop top in a fashion youtuber’s video and looked for it in the store. They had black, pink & green and of course, I got them all. Can you relate to that? You like something so much, that you buy the same design in different colours!

Crop or tank is the perfect top to pair with skirts and loose pants. A lot of them wear it with denim but that combination doesn’t really soothe my eyes. When I look at it, I feel as if there is something missing or the entire combination doesn’t feel like a complete outfit.

I know summer means light and calm colours but I just couldn’t find a summery colour. If you know me, you know I run towards the darkest possible colors!

Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top – H&M

Pants – Splash Fashion

Heels – Zara

Choker – Ayna | Silver Necklace – Street Side 






















Hope you liked the post!

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3 thoughts on “Denim Free Summer Outfit”

  1. I can’t just categorize your outfit into casual or partywear, as you’ve so smartly styled the whole look. It’s good for both the occasions. Looking chic, glam as well as comfy all at the same time ❤


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