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World In A Pair of Wide Leg Pants

Times Now had recently quoted in a recent article that “high waist pants are the essentials you didn’t know your closet was missing”. These old school pants are slowly making their place into everyone’s wardrobe. Wide leg pants or high waist pants are super chic and comfortable. It makes a perfect work wear as well as a party wear outfit. I understand that some people think that these high waist pants might make them look bulky and short but that is why we have HEELS! You can either tuck in your shirt or a blouse or pair it with a crop top. If you are still not comfortable with high waist wide leg pants, you can look for high waist straight pants, which won’t make you look bulky or short. But make sure you are comfortable in them. Don’t just wear it for the trend.

Here I am showing off my high waist wide leg pants from Shein. But before that let me share a story about how we found this location. I live in an area close to all the out-houses where the house helps live. Most of the houses are super colourful and bright. I realised that my outfit was a little pale and needed a bright wall to add colour. That is when I found this yellow house where close to my place. Took their permission obviously before we started with the shoot. They obviously thought it was a filmy shoot and were very excited like every other passer by.

Coming to the outfit details, crop tops become easier to wear when you have a high waist pant or jeans. Doesn’t show much and hides good amount of skin. I have short legs and these pants made me look short. So, I decided to pair it up with a pair of heels from Westside, that a friend of mine had gifted.

What do you think of these high waist trousers & pants? And how would you style it?

Photography – Arjun from Arya Photography

Outfit Details –

Top  – Zara

Pants – Shein India

Heels – Westside







Hope you liked the post!

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