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Must Watch Naga Chaitanya Movies

I have been a hardcore Nagarjuna fan since the time I watched "Ninne Pelladata" and the obsession just grew (in a good way obviously). It was in college that I discovered about Naga Chaitanya's movies and have been following his movies too since then. From a raw actor to entertainer he is now, his acting… Continue reading Must Watch Naga Chaitanya Movies

A Day in My Life

A Sunday at Sunday The Spa

For me, the last two-three months went by faster than the speed of light. The Commercial Street had turned into my 1st home and after all the running around all I would want was to sleep. Even few hours before my wedding, I was running around tailors and the funny part is, I have been… Continue reading A Sunday at Sunday The Spa

A Day in My Life

Five Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Bali

A Very Happy New Year to all my readers. This post has been long pending and finally I am getting back on track with my blogging schedule. Fingers crossed. It’s been two months since I got back from Bali and travelled to another tropical zone. I will talk about that later. It’s a new year… Continue reading Five Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Bali

A Thing Called Fashion

World In A Pair of Wide Leg Pants

Times Now had recently quoted in a recent article that "high waist pants are the essentials you didn't know your closet was missing". These old school pants are slowly making their place into everyone's wardrobe. Wide leg pants or high waist pants are super chic and comfortable. It makes a perfect work wear as well as… Continue reading World In A Pair of Wide Leg Pants

A Thing Called Fashion

The Classic Retro Combination

It's funny how we blindly follow a set of rules when it comes to pairing two pieces of clothing together. There are times when you want to take the risk but are scared of the repercussion. The moment you pick out a piece of printed top or a bottom wear, in your head you have… Continue reading The Classic Retro Combination

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About In-Demand Kitchen Designs

Two of the most in-demand kitchens designs today are contemporary and traditional Shaker designs. Traditional styles tend to have beading on the door, hinges on the outside with traditional style handles - (so door knobs instead of cup handles or long modern handles). These are the key features of a traditional shaker kitchen - these… Continue reading About In-Demand Kitchen Designs

A Thing Called Fashion

5 Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Just like clothes, even your shoe wardrobe should have few staple essentials. It is always tempting to pile up different and shiny shoes but do you think that can save you from the-which-shoe-should-I-wear-moments? We have all watched Sex and The City million times and envy Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe, especially her shoe collection. Let's get real,… Continue reading 5 Shoes Every Woman Should Have

A Thing Called Fashion

Easy Monochrome Summer Outfit

This post is one of those posts that was forgotten to be posted. If you can recollect, I had shot this particular outfit in the month of April but later got extremely busy and lazy in life. Off late the blogging industry in Bangalore, India has not been very motivating unlike the good old organic… Continue reading Easy Monochrome Summer Outfit

A Day in My Life

10 Things To Do In Kochi

I shall get into the things you must do in Kochi without any further ado.   1. Go for a walk in the lanes of Mattancherry and Kochi's famous spice market. Our boutique hotel in Kochi was situated in Mattancherry in the midst of the busiest spice markets of Kochi. The moment we entered the… Continue reading 10 Things To Do In Kochi

A Thing Called Fashion

A Walk Down Summer Dress

What dresses to wear this summer you asked? Summer is all about vibrant soft color, patterns, and warm textures. Most of them are floral or any solid color like yellow, white, pink etc. With the weather shining brightly on our head, I have been opting to wear only lightweight dresses and also trying my level… Continue reading A Walk Down Summer Dress