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Five Swimwear You Should Have According to Your Body Type

Are you here on this page to see which swimwear works for your body type the best?

Firstly, I believe that a confident soul can carry anything that they are comfortable in. I am against these articles that talk about how a certain body type should wear a particular type of swimwear. What if you are comfortable and satisfied in what the society declares it’s not meant for you? Call me rebellious, I don’t like it when someone says it’s not meant for me because I am the one who has to decide that. Agree?

You can’t use “embrace your body type” and “swimwear according to your body type” in one single post.  Embracing your body type is about your way of expressing yourself when you move around by not caring about what the world has to say.  

The headline of the article is totally opposite of what I am going to talk about here in this post. I am going to list out the safest and the most comfortable swimwear that one should own without thinking twice.  This post might be helpful for people who want to own one for the first time but are sceptical or for those women who want to experiment.

Finding the right swimwear is always a hassle. But in the back your mind you know what you can wear at the beach and what you can’t. Just for cheap thrills, you might just splurge into something you would never ever wear. Why do that? Invest in something that you will wear comfortably. Also, find out how you can rock a swimwear look here. You will be surprised to know the number of swim wears they have for different types. I am not going to talk in detail about it because the internet is filled with such articles.


The most friendly and comfortable designs according to me are as follows:

1_large (1)

One Piece – The first option is the prototypical one-piece swimwear that everyone begins their swimming lessons in. It covers perfectly without making you feel awkward. There are few one pieces that come with a skirt like a frill below in case you want your thighs covered.





Designer One Piece – If typical designs are too mainstream for you, you can choose from the various designer one piece swimwear online. They have pretty cut-outs on the waist and one of them even comes with a cold shoulder option.




1_large (3)


Tankini – It’s a two-piece suit that gives you an illusion of a one piece. Basically a combination of a camisole kind of a top and a bottom wear.




1_large (4)


Standard Two Piece – They say a two piece is not everyone’s cup of tea. I disagree. There are so many variants and designs to choose from. If we want to feel adventurous and yet a little shy, try the high waist bottom wear with the top.



1_large (2)


Fancy Two Pieces – As I mentioned, there are a lot of designs in two-piece swimwear online.  Keeping the high waist bottom wear in mind, look for a fancy top that’s trending and stylish depending on the type of vacation.




You can find more latest and trendy designs of swimwear online.



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