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Five Things I Like About Shonar Pahar

Bengali writings are not just poetic but have a mystical quality too. This artistic quality is prominently visible in the way Bengalis make their movies and the stories that they introduce to the common man. Bengali movies are known to be heart touching and dramatically radical. Not just that, the Bengali film industry has notable actors and writers whose movies are a must watch.

Since we are talking about Bangla cinema, let’s talk about this amazing new movie called Shonar Pahar. The Firstpost had called it a near perfect movie in their review. Tanuja Mukherjee is a well-known veteran actress who is the lead in Shonar Pahar. The director, Mr Parambrata Chatterjee has brilliantly showcased the generation gap that old aged parents face.

This movie is about a mother who has raised her son single handed and later in life desperately looks forward to his son and her daughter in law to visit her or spend time with her. But the generation gap and the new city life brainwashes the son’s mind which results in him getting irritated by his mother. Due to which, he tries to avoid her as much as he can.

Now, I am going to make it easy for the readers and list down the reasons why I liked the movie:

  1. Shonar Pahar is an idiosyncratic and unorthodox movie directed brilliantly with amazing actors. There is no doubt that the director has chosen the best of actors for his movie and these accomplished actors’ work looks flawless.
  2. The way in which Parambrata Chatterjee has balanced all the strong emotions that were necessary is prodigious and sublime.
  3. The generation gap is not only heart touching but an eye-opener for few because the story is shockingly realistic and heart-tugging.   
  4. People yearn for the fast moving lifestyle, only to realise later how they miss the simple life. Sometimes the person also forgets the memories that they have left behind. This movie has shown this transition with such realism that most people who hail from a small town-bred will understand.
  5. The best part about the movie is how the director sheds light on the perspectives of both the mother and the estranged son, unlike the usual movies where the son or the mother is the villain.

In my opinion, these are good enough reasons to prove that Shonar Pahar is a finely crafted movie and a must watch. I won’t be surprised if it bags all the awards next year.



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