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Five Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Bali

A Very Happy New Year to all my readers.

This post has been long pending and finally I am getting back on track with my blogging schedule. Fingers crossed. It’s been two months since I got back from Bali and travelled to another tropical zone. I will talk about that later.

It’s a new year and I have news for people who aren’t aware of the major change in life. I have navigated the transition from single to married. Yes! I am not sure if I would be working on the wedding outfit posts or not but will surely showcase them in either of my channel.

Alright then, let’s get started with the first post from my Bali series. There are few things that any traveller should be aware of before travelling to Bali. I did my research and contacted a lot of people to understand the place and figure out my travel schedule.

Here are those five things you should know –

  • Currency – IDR is crazy. Period. It took me two days to understand that mathematics of the exchange rate. Prepare yourself from before. And make sure you fractionate the money according to the requirement so that you don’t spend more than what is required. That’s what happened the first day – because your dearest The Small Town Blogger found everything dirt cheap.
  • Transit Visa If Required – I have heard people restricted from getting on to their connecting flights because of transit visa. Our flights we via Singapore and Malaysia. I was sceptical about Singapore, but after reading and talking to associates regarding transit visa, got that figured out.
  • Internal Transport – You can either hire a cab, 4-wheeler or a bike to roam around the city. But if you have plans of travelling from Ubud to Kuta or vice versa, then it might get exhausting. We preferred a bike to roam around the city but to travel intercity we hired a cab. The cheapest, safest and the most popular rental cab service in Bali is Gojek. Travelling between different cities is not just time consuming but expensive too. We stayed in two different city instead for two days, which made it easier for us to walk around the city.
  • Weather Conditions – With the current scene in Indonesia, it’s better to be cautious. Check the weather forecast before you book your tickets and accommodation.
  • Food – If you are not a fan of Asian cuisine, make sure you carry food from the country you are travelling from for comfort. Otherwise, Bali has exotic and very interesting way of serving food. Mostly sweet. From Satay to Nasi Goreng, it’s a diversified range.


Will soon post a detailed Bali itinerary. Hope this post serves it’s purpose.

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