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Things You Should Know If You Are Travelling to Seychelles

After a lot of contemplation, I decided to work on this post. Since it was a personal trip i.e. our honeymoon, I was in two minds to write about it but then I thought this would be helpful for travellers who are planning a trip real soon to Seychelles. I thought I had researched well before heading to this beautiful country but I successfully failed at that because all the travel blogs that I read was from a European’s or American’s point of view which is obviously different from an Indian’s point of view. There were rarely any travel post or videos that explained anything about the intrinsic details regarding the lifestyle and the food. Most of them were about how beautiful the island was!






Here I am with pointers on things you should know if you are travelling to Seychelles.

  • The Country – Seychelles consists of beautiful islands that depend on other countries for their resources. They import everything except for water and seafood. Most of the products are imported from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India. Hence all the prices are a little higher than usual, so make sure you carry emergency essentials with you if budget is a constraint.


  • Currency – Seychelles easily accept Euros at restaurants and stores but locally Seychellois rupee works well when it comes to transport or small scale food trucks. Remember, firstly SCR is higher than INR, plus the country imports everything that you might be looking for except for handicrafts. Frankly speaking, we spent most of our Euros on travelling than any other thing. We would have spent around 20000 -25000 INR just on our airport and ferry transits excluding the ferry tickets to other islands.


  • Food in Seychelles – I can blindly compare the authentic Creole cuisine to our Coastal cuisines. They are quite similar in taste. Most of the villas have a kitchenette because travellers prefer cooking their meal rather than eating outside. The restaurants are pretty expensive I would say for the food served. For example, meal for two at a simple restaurant in Seychelles would cost approximately 3000-4000 INR without any beverages. Even though Seychelles has it’s own water factory, but due to shortage of water resources, non of the restaurants serve water for free.


  • Entertainment Quotient – Seychelles is a hushed and reticent place. The people of Seychelles prefer dining in with their family on weekends and festivals rather than partying outside. There are rarely any places to chill post seven in the evening other than in Mahe, that too only if you are closer to the heart of the city. Among the three islands we visited i.e Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, La Digue was fun with Seychellois kids cycling around with JBL Boom Box and listening to captivating music and also dancing to it. La Digue had two party places with music and disco lights with no one inside which was pretty disappointing. There were rarely many people who would go out to party. La Digue is a tiny island with countable number of residents. Other than this, water sports will keep you busy in the day.


  • Transport – You have four options to choose from to travel around the city. You could either hire a taxi, which is an expensive affair or rent out a car to drive around if you are a confident driver on hills and curvy routes. Seychelles has a good bus connectivity to everywhere but the only issue is that, the last bus back would be around 6:30pm. Not that there was much to do post that but just in case. Lastly, you could always hitchhike and move around the city. That’s an option that we were given by the hotel manager too claiming that it’s safe.


Is this post helpful? If there are anymore questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below! Hope you liked the post.

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