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RECREATE Fashion – Part II

Life of a blogger is not a bed of roses. Period.

To create content, all of us need unique ideas to stand out and also feel comfortable in it so that the same is reflected. As a fashion blogger, it gets a bit stressful to look for new ideas because you are either out of clothes or have zero money to invest in new clothes. Also, buying clothes just for social media just sounds insane. Do you remember the article that was about, how youngsters these days buy clothes online, only to wear it once, click pictures wearing it and return. The cost of returns have been e-commerce retailer’s nemesis for a long time now and it has only been increasing with the amount of people who are trying to get influenced by all the style icons and influencers. I am one of them or rather I was!

Everyone needs to understand why recreating fashion is so important –

  1. Saves a lot of money.
  2. Equal use of all the clothes in your wardrobe.

I think these two pointers are more than enough to come to a conclusion. Most of the top influencers we follow, always have a brand who sends them clothes for free and if they don’t they recreate style. You might not have understood that little secret because they are so damn good in recreating what they wore few days or months back, it’s just amazing.

Keeping that in mind, I decided to return to my wardrobe and recreate a style from something that I already wore. Grand ethnic wear comes out of the closet only on special occasions. I got this ethnic skirt stitched last year when I was getting my wedding outfits made. An extra ethnic outfit always comes in handy post the wedding. This ethnic skirt is made out of raw silk and was initially paired with a raw silk blouse. Here, I decided to pull up the skirt and turn it into a dress by adding a casual belt to the entire outfit. Shrug has always been my signature outerwear and I had to add that element to this outfit.

I am currently in the mood of recreating styles with what I have in my wardrobe. Another reason why, I would stay away from buying more clothes and this would also help me declutter those clothes I will never wear.












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5 thoughts on “RECREATE Fashion – Part II”

  1. So True ! In the past 6 months I have shopped so less, even during sale time that my friends are surprised. But Recreating Fashion is way more sustainable in this generation of fast fashion which gives us stress to just keep buying


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