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Why Are Facial Serums Trending?

We all look for beauty products to age gracefully, don’t we? So here I am to share my piece of knowledge and advice about this current trending beauty product called the FACIAL SERUMS.

According to the google description, Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. By leaving out many of the heavier ingredients that are found in traditional moisturizers, [face serums] contain a much higher proportional concentration of active ingredients.

So now that we have covered the description of the product, let’s talk about why they are trending so much more than any other beauty product.

The moisturizer and face creams that we have been using so far is said to be thicker and less powerful compared to any facial serums. The old school moisturizers and face creams have few ingredients that my not help the skin to be hydrated and moisturized when compared to the most trending serums.

When it comes to serums, you have to make sure to read the ingredients and get the specific skin type variant because there is a serum for every skin type unlike few moisturizers. The trending facial serums are pretty pricey but there are few affordable and vegan options, also easily available online and in the retail stores. A facial serum can be applied either in place of a moisturizer or used as an added process to the already followed beauty regime.




I have been using the PLUM COSMETICS’s facial serum for quite sometime now. It’s light and does penetrate into the skin easily and keeps my skin hydrated. My daily beauty routine consists of an Anti Wrinkle Serum, Facial Serum and a Sunscreen in the day time. And the night routine begins with cleansing my face and then ends with an application of a facial serum and an eye cream. It’s simple routine that I follow and trust because I have seen it work. The only thing that’s not working on me right now is the sunscreen because I get tanned very easily. Need to work on my immunity!

There are a few misconceptions regarding Facial Serums that are not true. The concentration of the liquid might be oily but it takes very less time to get absorbed, leaving your skin hydrated. Secondly, that more drops of serum is better but it’s actually the opposite. Just two drops of facial serum comes a long way. Remember, Facial serums are for all skin types.

All you need is a good face wash and a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated!


I hope you liked the post.

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