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Top Five Places to Eat in Bangalore

With the immense hype in the influencer marketing segment, sometimes it becomes difficult to trust their reviews because not all of them are true. Most of the restaurateur rush for high ratings and good reviews in exchange of free food or a tiny little giveaway which excites most of the newbies or sadly established influencers/content creators. Very rarely do brands take criticism happily and that’s another reason why when brands come to collaborate with you, you have to write something good or diplomatic. You can either choose to collaborate or cancel the partnership and tell the truth.

But to make your life easier, I thought of listing down good places to eat in Bangalore. This is not a sponsored post. All the mentioned restaurants are out of good personal experiences.

  1. Nasi & Mee

If you love Asian cuisine then this is the place to go to. Situated amidst the busiest lanes of Koramangala, this place is always crowded (even on weekdays). Their satay and dimsums are appetizing.

2.  Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna is one place that has never disappointed anyone in literally 10 years of me living in Bangalore. It’s a Andhra style restaurant that serves amazing vegetarian and no vegetarian dishes. Worth the wait!

3. Kitchen of Joy

Other than the famous Bhojohari Manna, Bangaliana, and Koshe Kosha, this is another Bengali place to hog on real Katti rolls, Egg devil and other Bengali snacks that you don’t find in Bangalore very easily.

4. Chulha Chauki Da Dhaba

If you are okay with extremely spicy north Indian curry than this place will not betray you. Designed in a typical dhaba atmosphere, CCDD is delightful and worth every penny. Remember to head there empty stomach to try their amazing menu. Don’t forget to order masala papad before eating anything else!

5. Yogisthan Cafe

It’s funny how even though this cafe is situated in the middle of the party hub i.e Indiranagar, it’s peaceful. The moment you enter the cafe, the fragrance of the atmosphere there lures to stay calm and do your thing. This quaint little place was the best find during my bad work days. Yogisthan Cafe has an organic menu with a vast number of options to choose from! My favorite is their Aloo Parantha and Masala Chai.


I hope this post is helpful.

I wanted to keep it short and resourceful!

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